Monday, 30 June 2008

Day 3: Back To School

I am working in a primary school today (John Lennon's old school).

As a professional writer I have been working on a project to produce a school magazine.

The average age of my reporters is six!

So I wore................

Khaki and cream blouse (Next, birthday present)

Khaki tank (Primark £1)

Chambray skirt (Autograph £9 (sale) bought 2008)

Tan courts (Mexx, £9 reduced from £54, Outlet centre)

Leopard skin pendant ( £9 Virgin Vie)

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Day Two

It's raining in Liverpool today.
I made some jam from berries I collected last August.
I visited my dad.
I played with the kids.

I wore:

Red Camisole, part of M&S set (bought this year approx £10.00 for set)
Grey Limited collection T-shirt (bought this year inthe sale £7.00)
White linen (ish) trousers (bought this year from Asda for £9.00)
Red Converse Trainers (as before)
Red heart neacklace from Virgin Vie (bought last week £9.00)

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Day 1

Here's the pic.

I haven't got the hang of the new digital camera yet but this is the best I can do.

I am wearing:

Camisole Top from Cherokee (bought this year approx £12)

Jeans from Next (bought last Autumn £28.00)

Cardigan from Zara (bought three years ago at least £9)

Converse Trainers (bought this year £28)

I wore these clothes because this weekend I have no car. (Husband away camping with number 1 car. My car in the garage as I stuck the wrong fuel in the other car).
I was looking after three out of our four children and the dog so there would be lots of walking and a game of tennis!

A new beginning

I have a problem.
I have more cash going out of my house than coming in.
I spend all my spare cash on clothes and books.
I need to stop spending all my spare cash on clothes and books.
I will borrow all the books I need from the library.
I will wear only clothes I already own.
I will solve my problem.
To help motivate me I have started this blog.
I will post a picture of everything I wear for 365 days (including holidays which may be a challenge).
I will say what I am wearing, why I have worn what I have worn and where it came from. If possibe I will recall how long I have had the item and how much it cost. Although this may be a bit anal.
But I want to solve my problem.
I need to solve my problem.