Saturday, 28 February 2009

Which of my weekly outfits gets your vote?

I am trying to introduce a new feature - vote for your favourite dailywear.
It will help me wardrobe plan for the future.
So which is your favourite?
Please cast your vote in the poll.

142 days to go: A room of my own

"a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction,"
wrote Virginia Woolf.
I have to agree and for around 80% of the time this is my room.
It is the former family dining room but when I began to freelance in November 2003 it became my study/office.
In this room I write my articles, plan my workshops, keep up to date with my admin, process my PR work and write this blog.
Today I thought I would invite you in and give you a tour.
The picture of the whole room is taken from the door and shows my desk (the old dining table), shelves and in the far right corner is another desk with my PC.
I have taken an extra picture of the shelves because it sums me up - a colourful, chaotic mess!
The two shelves on the left contain photograph and scrapbook albums, the books on the shelf are mainly current books, the green boxes contain receipts and invoices. Stuffed on shelf is a dress which I tore on holiday last August and is awaiting repair.
And there are also two presents gift-wrapped and ready to give two of my closest friends, Joy and Denise who both share the same birthday - March 2nd.
The pink files contain some of my newspaper and magazine articles and the blue files are mainly finance stuff.

Yesterday I posted about how I am very untidy but I hate mess.
The shelves represent the mess but the desk where I work is tidy.
Occasionally I will get out my laptop but I like to write on a clutter-free table with flowers on.
I prefer writing long-hand with a fountain pen whenever possible.
I have been asked to write more about my work so am thinking of setting up a separate blog - let me know what you think.
But back to my clothes.

Today was football and we had to cycle there as my husband had the car.
I wore...
Ugg Boots
Gap jeans
Long sleeve top - Primark
Short sleeve cardigan - Dorothy Perkins

Friday, 27 February 2009

143 days to go: Blue and Grey Day

I was back in the prison today where we were working on a radio play.
I always start with a warm-up exercise and today Jenn joined in.
I decided to use lists as a warm-up exercise and Jenn chose the topic: Things You Need To Know About Me If We Were Dating.
I always join in and it was a real eye-opener - I didn't realise how demanding I am.
Here are just a few examples from my list:
* I am very untidy but I hate mess
* If I am ill leave me alone (although if you would like to tidy the house from top to bottom, feel free)
* I am a morning person
* I love to sing but I am tone deaf
* I know I can't park but if you comment on my driving or roll your eyes I will not speak to you for several hours
* I will usually fall asleep halfway though a film and deny I've slept. Do not challenge me on this.

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan - Pirnciples
Necklace - Monsoon
Bangle - free magazine gift

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

145 days to go: Inspired by Fashion For Nerds

When I saw Audi's blog yesterday it reminded me that I had a longer skirt I hadn't worn in a while.
Although this is not an exact replication I took the idea of a vest/tank top over a long sleeve layer and long skirt.
I am not a great fan of blouses as I have narrow shoulders and a larger bust and they don't seem to fit properly. I much prefer long sleeved t-shirts or blouses that don't have buttons down the front.

I am wearing:
skirt from Oasis
Shoes from Clarks
Tights from Tesco
Long sleeve t-shirt and tank top from Primark
Necklace from Next

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

147 days to go: Polka Dot Princess

I love polka dots.
The dots on this dress are white, red and taupe.
The ruffled neck makes me feel like an Elizabethan princess.
I recently acquired these new shoes from Clarks which I purchased using the Paypal credit for selling several eBay items.
I wish I had waited a few weeks as yesterday I received a 20% off voucher for all Clarks adult shoes when I bought my daughter some new school shoes.
They are more expensive but well worth the investment.
Clarks shoes are one of the valuable lessons I have learned from keeping this blog - if I am going to wear heels all day they need to be good, well-fitted shoes.

Today I wore:
Shoes (as mentioned)
Tights - Tesco
Belt - M&S (off a dress)
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins

Monday, 23 February 2009

148 days to go: Hints of Spring

I am starting to look back at some of my summer/autumn wears.
I last wore this top (and the shoes) here and it makes me feel as though the summer months aren't too far away.

I am wearing:
Shoes - Clark's
Jeans - Gap
Top - Next
Cardigan - Principles

Sunday, 22 February 2009

149 - 152 days to go: Mist Covered Mountains

Hello again, it’s been a very busy time.
Our 20th wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day and my birthday – all in the space of eight days.
To celebrate our landmark anniversary I wanted to do something special and North Wales is a very special place for us.
“These mist-covered mountains are home for me now,” I wrote in my diary after arriving at Bangor University in October 1985. I must admit I had been listening to a lot of Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits at the time but the essence was true.
I loved the sea, the mountains and the space.
I met my husband at university and we spent many happy times there.
Whenever I get the chance I love to return.
In the past 12 months we have stayed at my husband’s former holiday home in Cemaes Bay and been camping on Shell Island.
When our eldest son was just two we visited the magical world of Portmeirion.
Crafted in the cliffs of a dramatic Welsh town is the colourful man-made village of Portmeiron.
It is modelled on an Italian village, like those of Portofino and Portovenere but there is all manner of eclectic architecture gathered there.
The holiday village – the first of its kind in the UK – was the brainchild of Sir Cough Williams-Ellis, a visionary self-taught architect who had a passion for Wales but believed tourism could enhance the countryside.
As well as two hotels and a mixture of holiday cottages there are woodland walks and gardens that has a surprise around every corner.
Portmeirion was also the setting for the popular sixties television show, The Prisoner,
which is being made into a film due for release later this year.
We booked for dinner, bed and breakfast and stayed in a fantastic room overlooking the water.

During the day we walked for miles around the village and walks and in the late afternoon we sat with out books in front of the log fire before dressing for dinner. Perfect!

Here is a selection of snaps and a collection of what I have been wearing over the past few days.
Normal service will resume from tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Gone Fishin'

Thanks for the lovely comments about Jenn's book and my matching pink coat.
I am away for a few days.
Here's a clue!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

153 days to go: Basking in Reflected Glory

I am holding a first novel.
I am so excited.
It is not my novel.
But I have lived and breathed the process for the past 18 months.
A lot less than the book's writer - Jenn who started writing it aeons ago.
Jenn is the librarian at the prison where I work as a writer in residence.
We started working there around the same time and became great friends.
When she told me she had written a novel and had an agent I was v excited.
But that was just the beginning.
It took ages (or what seemed like ages) before a publishing house bought it.
And then everything happened at once.
I saw the sketches for the book cover.
There were meetings with agents/publishers/publicists.
I saw the revised photographs for the book cover.
I heard about interviews with radio stations/magazines and newspapers.
I read the novel - A Kind of Intimacy- in manuscript form in one evening. I loved it.
And here it is in my hot little hands.
Jenn received the book through the post in a thick padded envelope on Valentine's Day.
Can a writer receive a better gift?
Today I took Jenn out to lunch to celebrate.
And she showed me right at the back - the acknowledgments.
For "being in her corner" I am thanked, listed between such literary luminaries as Anne Fine and Jenni Diski.
There is only one more thing left to say - you can buy it here.

I wore:
Pink Coat - Next
Pink gloves - Jasper Conran
Underneath - grey dress and black boots - Dorothy Perkins.

Monday, 16 February 2009

154 days to go: Janus: Showing my best side?

I didn't intend to post the pictures like this - I just wanted to show my new haircut but it struck me that the pictures together reminded me of the Greek God, Janus.
January is the month named after Janus and is usually depicted with the two faces - one looking back on the past year and one looking forward to the new one.
I know a lot about Janus because it is a name that has followed me.
At school in my Latin class I was given the name Jana and my friends at university called me Janus.
In Greek mythology, Janus was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings.
According to a legend, Saturn rewarded Janus' hospitality with the gift to see both future and past.
As it is my birthday on Thursday I like this idea - a time of endings and beginnings.
According to Cicero, Janus and Jana are a pair of divinities, worshipped as the sun and moon.
I like that idea too!

Today I am wearing:
Dress - George
Boots - Clark's
Tights - Marks and Spencer
Cardigan - Principles
Necklace - Monsoon

156 and 155 days to go: What To Wear When Climbing Trees

It was another busy birthday weekend.
As the children are off school there was no football this weekend which made a huge difference.
I spent a few hours on Saturday morning wandering through our village which I don't normally get the chance to go.

I bumped into a few friends including one I hadn't seen for several months and invited her to my birthday night (more of which later).
The children had a few friends each to sleepover and we managed a walk in the beachside woods with the dog where we ran up and down sand dunes and climbed trees.
On Sunday evening it was my mother in law's 81st birthday and I cooked a meal for nine of us.
This week the children are off so the posts will be sporadic and on Thursday (my birthday) we are off for a two-night break to celebrate our anniversary at a very magical place and I will reveal all when we return.

Friday evening
Black pencil skirt and shoes - Next
Shirt - Birger
Belt - M&S
Bracelet - Murano glass from Venice

Black Dress - New Look
Tights - Marks and Spencer
Belt - Asos
Boots and Beads - Dorothy Perkins

Sun (climbing trees)
Jeans - Gap
Jacket - Marks and Spencer
Wellington Boots - belong to my 13-year-old son who has now outgrown them.

Sun (later)
Boots and Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan - Principles Petite
Belt - Asos
Tights - Autograph

Friday, 13 February 2009

157 days to go: Spring

A very busy Friday with the children off school.
I woke early to get a few hours work done then went for a run with my daughter and the dog.
There was a real feel of spring in the air.
Later, I had my hair cut and then went to visit my friend Joy who gave me a lovely early birthday present.
I am just getting ready to go to the surprise 40th birthday party at one of our local pubs.
I'll post what I will be wearing tomorrow.

Today I wore:
Gap Jeans
Clark's Shoes
Primark t-shirt
Zara top
Hair by Tania

Thursday, 12 February 2009

158 and 159 days to go:Wardrobe Update

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about our wedding aniversary pictures.
We had a fantastic day.
I woke up to see a lovely array of gifts on the breakfast bar - flowers, my favourite Rioja (Grand Reserva) and a beautiful China Vase.
I had made a card for Paul and written a poem. I hadn't bought any gifts as I'd saved up to book two nights away in a hotel next week.
After work we shared a Chinese Takeaway with the children and then watched Nights In Rodanthe. Perfect!

I am still basing my outfits on Imogen's Polyvore.
Yesterday I was working in the prison so wore:
* Can you see who is taking it easy on the sofa behind me!
Grey Trousers and lilac top - George
Cardigan - Principles
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- Clark's

Today I presented a PR workshop for Train 2000 and wore:
Brown Trousers
Clark's Shoes
Blouse - George
Cardigan - Marks and Spencer
Belt - Gift from Karen.

Tomorrow the children are on an INSET Day and we have a surprise 40th birthday to go to.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wedding Day Winner

And the winner of my shoe giveaway is.........Low Cost High Style.
Please email me your address
Thanks to everyone who took part.
I have decided it will be the first of many giveaways.

Here's what I wore 20 years ago today - typical 1980s bride!

Here's what we look like today - well a few months ago on holiday!

I'll post what I'm wearing today later.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

160 days to go: Pre-Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow will be my 20th Wedding Anniversary.
I can't tell you what I was wearing 20 years ago today but tomorrow you will be able to see what I was wearing Feb 11th 1989.
By a total coincidence when I was taking today's photo I noticed I was standing in front of the picture which shows my parents and grandparents on their wedding days.
From the left you can see my maternal grandparents, Winnifred and John pictured on their wedding day - January 11th 1941.
My grandfather fought in the Second World War but died suddenly of a thrombosis when he was just 42.

My grandmother never remarried and died in 1989 aged 72.
My parents Frank and Joyce (in the middle) married on March 23rd 1963 and thankfully are both still alive and live happily together in the next road to me.
My paternal grandparents Winnifred and Tom married (on the right) on March 31st 1934.
They remained happily married until my grandmother died on Mother's Day 1975. My grandfather died less than two years later.

Before I sign off don't forget to add your name to my free yellow shoe giveaway.

Today I am wearing a look inspired by Imogen's Polyvore:
The blouse I altered from Asos
Trousers _ I have recently lengthened so i can wear heels from M & Co.
Cardigan - Principles
Scarf - Tesco
Shoes - Clark's

Shoe Giveaway

As the very kind KT has offered me her blazer I have decided to pay the goodwill forward.
I love these yellow shoes but they don't love me.
They are a half size too big and my feet shuffle around.
I have worn them twice and I would love them to go to a good home.
I am happy to mail them worldwide so please leave a message in the comments box or email me at if you would like them.
If there is more than one person then I will draw names out of a hat and contact the winner (for an address via email).
They are a UK size 5 - a European size 38. I think that means a US size 7 but I am not sure about the Australian sizes.

Monday, 9 February 2009

161 days to go: Dressing The Petite Curvy Figure

This week my clothes will be influenced by the Polyvore Imogen compiled for me last week.
I love the idea that someone has taken the time and the trouble to design an outfit plan just for me - so thank you very much Imogen.
Of course, due to my pledge I have to work with what I already have.
I have used the picture Imogen designed with the floral skirt and scarf.
Today was spent tidying up after Leah's party and working from home.
The boots are low enough to feel comfortable all day but I still feel smart, colourful, creative and full of energy!
By the way here's a picture of Leah taken last night - doesn't she look fab at fifty?

I wore..
Boots and waistcoat/vest - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - Matalan
Red top - Primark
Scarf - Tesco

Sunday, 8 February 2009

163 and 162 days to go: Weekend Recycled

Yes. I wore more or less the same outfit on Saturday and Sunday.
I quote often do.
Usually I am racing around taking children to football, friends and trying to fit in washing, shopping and occasionally a night out.
This weekend was no different.
On Saturday evening we went to my sister in law, Leah's for drinks as she celebrates her 50th birthday today.
I swapped the Uggs for my black boots and tights and added a different cardigan.
This evening we will be hosting a meal for 10 to celebrate Leah's birthday.
I will probably change but won't have time to take and post picture. I don't think.

Thanks to everyone who voted.
The most popular Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge outfit was Day 3 with 39% of the votes. Days 1 and 4 came in at joint second with 26% of the votes each.

Ugg Boots
Gap Jeans
Obi Belt- Asos
Cardigan - Principles
Brooch - Part of Kamsira's Recession Challenge. This started out life as a shoe attachment and I added a pin.
Leah also appears in the photo.
The first on the left on the first photo!
Dress - Dorothy Perkins

Friday, 6 February 2009

164 days to go: Tapering off Michelle Obama Wardrobe Week With Taupe

It is the final day of my Five Day Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge to create outfits inspired by the USA's new First Lady.
So here is a fusion effort.
I have taken the colour, a cardigan, a cream shirt and worked with what was in my wardrobe.
Thank you for all the comments and to Cat for coming up with the challenge.
It has been fun dressing with a mission but I am glad it is over. I am getting a little fed up of cardigans and belts.
Before I sign this off please vote in the poll on the right for your favourite workthatwardrobe interpretation of Michelle Obama's wardrobe.

Next week I will be dressing based on Imogen's Polyvore which has been designed exclusively for me.
Find out how I get on.

Today I wore
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Gap Curby
Belt - Mexx
Shirt - Biba

Thursday, 5 February 2009

165 days to go: Magnificent Magenta - Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge, Day 4

I posted about this divine dress a few weeks back.
I bought it in the My-Wardrobe sale. At around £40 it was 70% off!

Essentially, it's a re-worked t-shirt dress but the cut, the colour and the quality of the cotton explains why such a simple dress originally cost around £200.
As Michelle looks like she is wearing her dress in warmer climes - I have wintered mine up with tights and boots.
I didn't have a narrow belt so wore this one again.
If you have time check out Cat's Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge Gallery and cast your vote.

I wore ...
Ciel dress
Boots and pearl ear-rings - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan - M & Co
Tghts - Tesco
Belt - M & S
Pearls - Hong Kong Pearl Market

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

166 days to go. The Wow Factor: Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge Day 3

When my youngest son comes home from school he shows me his little book of Wow words.
These are new, exciting words which will enhance his vocabulary.
And I love finding new wow words too.
My wow word of the moment is Cerulean.
I watched The Devil Wears Prada at the weekend and listened to Miranda's rant about Andreas' lump blue sweater.
I looked it up - probably most of you know already - and loved the word.
Cerulean may be applied to a range of hues from deep blue, sky-blue, bright blue or azure through to greenish blue.
Apparently the word is probably derived from the Latin word caeruleus, "dark blue, blue or blue-green", which in turn probably derives from caelulum, diminutive of caelum, "heaven, sky".
Then, just as always - the word is everywhere.
Kasmira is having a Cerulean Week.
I also discovered I had a Cerulean cardigan too.
Just like Michelle!

Check out the fantastic Polyvore Imogen has created for me.
Guess what next week's challenge will be!
Today I am wearing:
black boots - dorothy perkins
dress - new look
cardigan - principles petite
belt - marks and spence
pearls- hong kong

Monday, 2 February 2009

167 days to go: Working the work jacket - Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge Day Two

This picture gave me the chance to retrieve a suit jacket from the pile of clothes I was planning to recycle.
A few years ago I spent quite a bit of my time working in corporate environments.
But not anymore.
This jacket has lain redundant ever since.
It is quite a nice wool jacket with a cream stripe running through the fabric.
I was leading a writing workshop on secrets in the prison today which was fun.

I wore:
Shoes - Clark's
Jeans - Joe Brown
Shirt - Asos (I have snipped off the ties)
Jacket - Next petite
Scarf - Paul Smith
Necklace - Top Shop