Monday, 6 July 2009

16 and 17 days to go: Le Weekend

Another busy weekend.
Apart from the usual running around getting ready for next week and taking children to their various friends/parties/activities I had a meeting with a group of friends and two barbecues to attend.
On Saturday I got together with some of the mums I met around 10 - 14 years ago at various ante-natal and nursery schools.
It was good to catch up on the news and plan another walking trip in the summer holidays.
On Saturday evening there was a barbecue to celebrate the end of my eldest son's football team after ten years.
From September the boys will be 17 and 18 and many will move on to new teams.
We dodged the showers and managed to make the most of the sunshine when it peeped through the clouds.
On Sunday my husband, the Cub Scout leader was running a Wet Day at Southport's Marine Lake and he took our youngest along with him.
They all had a great time sailing on rafts and canoeing.
Next weekend my husband is leading a Cub Camp so in the afternoon he had to check all the tents were in good repair.
To round the weekend off we had another barbecue with our good friends, Kevin and Denise.
I just love the flexibility of a wardroe full of dresses and am always on the look out for more ladies dresses.
We did manage to cook outside but the rain was so bad we had to eat indoors.

On Saturday I wore...
white capr pants - Tesco
Shoes - River Island
Dress - Matalan
Wrap - free with a magazine
Necklace - Principles

On Sunday I wore..
Dress - Ciel
Shoes - Clarks
Belt - Principles


Shopaholic said...

2 great outfits again! Sounds like your in need of a break after that busy weekend!!

lunarossa said...

Very busy indeed, Jane! Definetely beat me at home with a migraine (peeping on Wimbledon on tv, though!). Congratulations on your son's sports day performances. And to your husband for persevering in being a Cub Leader! My son helped the Beavers when they went canooing last week and when he came back he was ready for the washing machine! Have a nice week. Ciao. A.

Christina Lee said...

prett! it sound like you had a nice (And busy)weekend!!

Candycane said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend .. Love both outfits! :D

Stephanie N. said...

You are pretty in pink, as always. Your weekend sounds fun, but exhausting! It's like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend.

chic said...

That pink dress is wonderful! Sounds like you had a great weekend with lots of fun activities and you looked great through out it!

Wow, only 2 weeks left till the end of the ban! How do you feel about that??

I think I should pick up the baton of your ban and start one of my own as I go abroad on the most pitiful funding ever. Seeing you remix and be creative without shopping is inspiring me that I can still keep up a style blog even without any spending next year! Thank you!

sallymandy said...

I love your Saturday outfit here! Kind of boho and classy all at once.

You're almost done! This is very exciting.

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Justlia From TGR said...

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