Thursday, 16 July 2009

5 days to go: Back to Front

Another busy day today.
I went for a run with my friend Denise this morning before returning home for a shower and some work.
This afternoon I will be going to watch my youngest son perform in the end year concert at his school.
After that I will be going to Liverpool to sit an exam as my counselling course comes to an end.
I love the buttons on the back of this top and have worn it both ways.
It wil get great use in the autumn and winter but I need a jacket to go with it.
I was searching for women's jackets and came across this great one.
Although I avoid wearing it when I meet my friend Sue.
She has koumpounophobia (fear of buttons).
What always surprises me is that someone in her line of work can function.
She teaches dressmaking!
I wore..
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt and camisole - Gap
Top - eBay
Necklace - Next


SHOEGAL said...

Well I've just learnt something. I had no idea it was possible to be scared of buttons. There you go - stylish & educational!

Christina Lee said...

wow never heard of that- amazing! how does she do it then? you look lovely!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I am a button fanatic, especially vintage buttons. Just love them. The more the better I think.
So I really like this whole outfit- but most especially the top.

eednic said...

that's a beautiful shirt! and your friend....she really has a fear of buttons??? like. how? what is it that frightens her? i'm not being mean, i'm completely interested!! i have a few odd fears myself. wire hangers for one. i mean, i have them. but i really have horrible visions about what can happen when i get near one.

david said...

That is very nice. Some New Work Wardrobe are excellent and good. That is the best wardrobe for me.

Shopaholic said...

Love the Neutrals Jane. That top is great, I would never think to wear things back to front if you've tried it both ways that is so cool. Think I try the same with a couple of my tops, I'll probably just end up looking strange though, and people will point it out! x

Shopaholic said...

ps. my word verification was excon - I had to laugh, so appropriate!

Stephanie N. said...

Well, I've got my new vocab word for the day. That is weird! I have a dress with a similar button placket down the back, and one day I wore it backwards and realized it was just as cute that way, and even better, that the hem hung more evenly.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-such a nice outfit, not long now, huh!!

Sher said...

I just learned something... So is she a zipper person?

Lovely shirt and I would wear it both ways also.

Tina said...

Your blouse is sweetly divine today. And I would like to chime in on the request for more info about the fear of buttons. How does that manifest itself? And how does she go shopping? I can see avoiding buttong on your own clothes, but there are still going to be in the store next to the other clothes, so hard to avoid.

Stacy said...

Huh, I don't know that I could get by without buttons. Very interesting! And, I love the top!!

Elaine said...

Great top!! I love the monochromatic look here!

sanjeet said...

i really have horrible visions about what can happen when i get near one.
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