Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Capsule Holiday Workout

Life is tough at the moment but there are three things that keep me sane - exercise, music and writing.
And boy did I need some exercise today.
However, after my family left for school and work this morning I realised I was locked in.
What do I mean by locked in?
No, it wasn't a prison day - thankfully.
What happened was my husband and two sons went off with all the keys for the house.
Until they returned I couldn't go out because I wouldn't have been able to get back in.
I had planned a 4 mile run but was now stuck at home.
Yet if I didn't exercise I would be like a caged animal when they returned.
Determined to rid my body of some residual frustrations I decided to get my ipod and work out a circuit using one exercise per music track.
To warm up I started on the trampoline. (Will Young's Leave Right Now)
Next, Hula for a track (I kissed A Girl by Katy Perry)
Then skip for a track (Don't Stop til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson)
Then I rolled out my exercise mat and did some squats and lunges using a broom(I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker by Sandi Thom)
Back on the trampoline (She's So Lovely by Scouting For Girls)
Some More Hula's ( Billie Jean by Michael Jackson)
More skipping (Hips Don't Lie by Shakira)
Then cooldown to Ben by Michael Jackson and finally a handstand for a few minutes.
I checked my heart rate monitor and my workout had lasted just over 40 minutes with an average heart rate of 141 which is around the same as a slow 4 mile run.
Job done and apart from the trampoline I can take everything else on holiday with me as my hula hoop breaks up into sections.
Yesterday I was planning my capsule wardrobe for my holiday next month.
I hadn't really thought about my holiday routine as I normally just take my running shoes and go for a run.
But last year the heat was so intense from early on I had to rise at 6am to get a run in.
Now that is one less problem to deal with.


Imogen Lamport said...

Jane you are an inspiration!

Sher said...

In order for me to stand on my head, I would need both my boys holding my legs up LOL!

You are in great shape!

lunarossa said...

Gosh, Jane, I get an headache just looking at your headstand! And I also feel tired for you...If you ever move to York, will you be my personal trainer? But not hula please! You look great in all shades of pink, but I like the t-shirt tucked in more. It shows the detail of the skirt...Have a nice rest. Ciao. A.

Elaine said...

You're amazing! I would've probably done NOTHING. Hahaha. Hula hooping sounds like a good idea... And since it does break apart you can easily take it with you on vaca! Excellent! I need one of those myself.....

Candycane said...

Haha your like me I do diff activities to different songs!

Although nowhere as near as long as you :D

sallymandy said...

A great example of making lemonade out of lemons.

Stephanie N. said...

Now I want to do a capsule workout like that... but I'll pass on the crazy headstand!

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