Tuesday, 30 June 2009

21 days to go: In A Spin

I finally took delivery of my new Hula Hoop.
I had read about using Hula Hoop's to have fun and get fit when journalist Rosie Millard, tried it out in The Times recently.
My daughter was once voted the Hula Queen at a local summer play scheme when she managed to keep going longer than anyone else. She was five at the time.
So, if you can't beat'em, join 'em.
I had great fun following the DVD routine with instructor Betty Hoops (I kid you not!).
I managed to keep up with most of the moves although I certainly need more practice in others.
For my retro routine I chose a retro influenced outfit of stripes and spots.
Forgive me if I have not commented on many blogs this week but I am having a screen break.
To recharge my batteries I have taken the week off work and have limited my use of the computer to 20 minutes a day to deal with urgent enmail (and this blog).
I spent most of the day getting back to nature by gardening and planting some new herbs in my herb garden.
I wore..
Shoes - River Island
Dress - Matalan
Necklace - Top Shoop
Hula Hoop - Gaiam


Stacy said...

Yay for the hula hoop.... I have one in my office at work. Sounds weird, I know, but there are a number of leadership games that can be played with a hula hoop.

see you there! said...

Hooping is great fun and can be quite complicated. My GD does a sort of dance using the hoop around her ankles.


Candycane said...

You look gorgeous ... I can't hula for the life of me :'(

Shopaholic said...

fun fitness! I like the sound of that. And you look fab too.

Mervat said...

You look terrific as always especially while hooping.

Heather Bestel said...

I love hula hoops!! yay - what a great way to keep fit.

Sher said...

You are doing a great job! I on the other hand am too uncoordinated.

sallymandy said...

You're having a stay-cation! Outstanding. You look so cute here. Hula hooping is way harder than it looks, no? I mean, at least it's harder at 40+ than it was at five.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Love your Matalan dress and wishing you a great week ahead too!

Cosmic said...

I was meant to treat myself to one for my birthday(I'm not far off the bib 40:), but I forgot! - Thanks for the reminder - so effective and sooo much FUN too:0)

You look so young; It seems the hoop has taken years(and inches:) of you:)

Happy hula hooping!!!


Stephanie N. said...

You look so happy, which makes me happy.

Only 20 minutes a day? I'm impressed.

Robin said...

Aw, you look adorable, hula hoop and all.


Struggler said...

3 weeks to go!! Are you getting really excited at the thought of some shopping, or is it like giving up chocolate, where the urge actually fades after a while?

Love your hooping-look; I was always terrible at it. :)

Penny said...

Playing with the hula hoop is such great fun and those pictures of you in motion proove it...and such a great dress to hula in too - love how you added the scarf...very charming.

Barking Dog Shoes said...

OH my, I love your blog. I JUST made a mental note to buy one of those hula hoops to tighten up the core muscles. I was over a at a friend's house and she had one. I took it for a spin and actually was able to keep it hoopin for 3 minutes!

Kari said...

That is such a cute dress for hooping!

I know a bunch of people who are into hoop dance, but I've never tried it.