Sunday, 21 June 2009

31 and 30 days to go: Home Straight

There are less than 30 days to go until July 19th when my year-long challenge will end - and what a journey.
I am starting to think how I will reflect on the challenge about what I have learned.
This weekend was very casual.
Saturday was spent in tracksuit watching my daughter play in a netball tournament.
Sunday was running round tidying up and preparing for the week ahead.
I also managed to post the rest of my summer sales on ebay.
From the £84 I received earlier this month I bought the ASOS cardigan and have just ordered two pairs of shoes from Clarks which you can see here and here - both reduced by 50% in the sale.

I wore the denim skirt on Saturday and the jeans on Sunday.
Hope you had a good weekend.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-wow, not long to go now!! Love your denim skirt, very cute!

notSupermum said...

Wow, 30 days to go! Do you think you'll go on a spending spree, or has this year of abstinence made you more cautious about spending again?

The grey patent Clarks shoes are very you; I tried the strappy sandals on at Clarks yesterday but didn't feel quite right.

Stephanie N. said...

Those are some hard-earned and well-deserved purchases!

Shopaholic said...

I love your denim skirt. I can't quite see what shoes you are wearing with it though, I have a gap denim skirt but rarely wear it purely because of the shoe dilemma...

Sheila said...

So soon! It seems (to me) that it's gone so fast for you.

I love the grey ruffled top - so cute!

Sher said...

Can't wait till the end and see what you may purchase :)

Mervat said...

I love the grey patented shoes. What a great buy! Wow not long to go at all.

It is great to see that you are happier in these photos.

Jane said...

Thanks Sharon-Rose
NSM - No, I don't think I will go mad, I think I will just be more discerning.
Thanks Stephanie - I feel that too.
Shopaholic - the shoes are high wedges.
Sheila - it is amazing how quickly time goes and so much has happened in that time.
Mervat - I am trying to feel happier.

Kari said...

That is truly awesome that you have made it so far. If it's not too much prying: do you have a list of what you want to buy after you are "off ban?" Or are you mostly planning to continue just buying what you need?

I love your ruffly blouse that you wore with the denim skirt!

Heather Bestel said...

I've been following your adventure along with Gretchen Rubens The Happiness Project and I'm hoping that you're going to publish a book about it too - I'll put in my order now!
Thank you for letting us accompany you as, I think, we've all learnt so much about 'doing more with less' and being really creative (which is what I love about clothes).
Personally, I think the last year has probably changed the way you look at clothes forever. Look out Gok!

Christina Lee said...

yes what a journey....I have trying to find a denim skirt like yours!!

SHOEGAL said...

Yay for the home straight! Will you continue the blog once the year is up? I love visiting and seeing what you are wearing each day.