Tuesday, 2 June 2009

49 days to go: Free Love

I had some great news the other day.
I was told I had won the New Romantics' Free Love For A Year competition
I had almost forgotten about the story which I wrote way back in March.
I was on the train heading to the Writers In Prison Network when I decided to have a go.
The task was to describe your most romantic moment in 100 words.
Several drafts later here's what I was left with.

The Girl With The Bike With A Basket

“Why choose that film?” asks my husband.

“Because the girl has a bike with a basket – I've always dreamt of riding one.”

Two weeks later it’s my birthday; but in these cash-strapped times I’m not expecting much.

At daybreak he leads me to our freezing garage. I struggle to focus through the hazy half-light and debris of a four-child family.

Then I see it.

Over the past fortnight he’s spent every spare minute restoring an old skipped bike before re-spraying it my favourite colour.

Best of all, attached to the sparkling silver handlebars is a brand new wicker basket.

And here's the bike!

The prize is a selection of romantic novels for a year.
The other day I received a wonderful package of three books - a hardback copy of The Secret Shoppers Revenge by Kate Harrison; The Bride Hunter by Amy Appleton and The Self-Preservation Society by Kate Harrison.
I will have a parcel every other month for a year.
The trouble is I will be too busy reading to write!

Today is supposed to be the last day of the current heatwave and we will be back to seasonal temperatures tomorrow.
I am making the most of the warm weather by wearing this halter neck dress from Primark which I last wore here.

I wore:
Dress - Primark
Shoes - River Island
Sunglasses - Tesco
Necklace - Top Shop
Bracelet - as yesterday.


Mervat said...

This is true romance. You so deserve this wonderful prize.

And you look super cool during the heatwave!

Stylestance said...

What a wonderfully romantic story .. congratulations! I am enjoying your blog :)

Christina Lee said...

SOOOOOOOO awesome- congrats- you'll have to report on your favorite books!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-congratulations, a lovely story and your bike is fabulous!!

see you there! said...

Your romantic story is precious. Congrats on the win.

A halter neck style suits you. I like all your sundresses but looking back through them I like the halter neck style best.

We are NOT having a heat wave, in fact I'm wearing the same clothes I was wearing in March. I don't know when we'll get any decent weather.

Darla in the drizzle this morning.

Penny said...

Congrats on your story! This sun dress looks very pretty on you too.

Stacy said...

Congrats! That's a great little story and the prize will keep you busy! (I need to read more.)

I love the pattern on the dress too.

i_b_erin said...

I am with Darla, in the drizzle this morn. I am envious of your heat wave!Your summer dresses look fab!

Congrats on your prize..what a great romantic story! Made me smile:)

Candycane said...

Well done you ... and you look fab :D

I don't want the nice weather to end :'(

Mamaoftwins said...

Congratulations on your prize! Thats wonderful! You sooo deserve it.

Love the whole outfit. Shoes, sunglasses,dress, etc. Looks great on you and very summery.

Jane said...

Thank you all for your very kind comments.
Stylestance - welcome.
Darla and Erin - I think our sun will be with you very soon. Our weather looks pretty dull and cloudy for the next week or so.
Finger's crossed the weathermen have got it wrong!

Goober said...

What a great story - and congrats on the contest.

You have had such a run of great dresses lately - I love them all!

lunarossa said...

Congratulations, Jane! I was very moved reading your story and I love your bike! It got cool here as well and I'm ever so upset! All the best. Ciao. A.

Sheila said...

What a lovely little vignette - you totally deserved to win! Congratulations!

Love this dress on you - so pretty.

Sher said...

What a romantic your husband is! Congrats on winning those free books. I'm checking out the links to the authors ;)

PS: Tribal print dresses are all the rage now.

Stephanie N. said...

What a dear your husband sounds like!