Wednesday, 17 June 2009

34 days to go: Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part One

I love the Ian Dury song - Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Three.
The song always makes me smile.
Like this cardigan.
I bought it in the Karen Millen sales about four years ago for around £30.
I love the colours, the stripes, the shape.
I have repaired it, I have cut off tassels but still I love it to bits.
Today I am going to look for all the reasons to be cheerful.
One reason I feel a bit more cheerful is I have had anther purge of my wardrobe.
The last eBay sale raised £88.00.
Here's a sneak preview.


Mervat said...

Well, fake it 'til you make it. I you think cheerful then hopefully cheerful will come your way.

Much love to you,

PS Those grey and black pumps wouldn't be a size 10 Australian would they?!

Imogen Lamport said...

Sorry that you have to look for reasons - I can see in your face that it's hard work at the moment.

By the way - next ebay sale, let those trousers go.

lunarossa said...

Hi Jane, well done with your ebay sale. I bid on the Marc Jacob's dress but I was out most of the day last Sunday and unfortunately I was outbit. Try to be positive and things will end up fine. Hugs. A.

notSupermum said...

34 days to go? That's got to be a reason to be cheerful!

Sher said...

I'll take the fuscia skirt! Will you ship to USA? LOL!

Hope things do start looking up.

Cosmic said...

Yes I quite agree a bit of colour(and stripes:)works woders!

I'm rooting for you:)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-well done on what you made on ebay, thats fabulous news!

Work With What You've Got said...

I can't BELIEVE you only have 34 days to go!~

You look fabulous. I dont think I'd like those pants on many people but I do like them on you!~

Stephanie N. said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff you're getting rid of. I'm impressed.

Stacy said...

Awesome job on the ebay sales. I haven't been so lucky lately in my sales.

Hope you are doing okay friend... thinking about you.

see you there! said...

I like the stripes! You are really doing well with eBay and I know that means a lot of work behind the scenes.


Shopaholic said...

Will you be off for a massive splurge in 35 days time then? I'm worried I may not have my daily fix from your blog for much longer once the year is up... :-(

Jane said...

Thanks Mervat - I'm not sure how the sizing works.
Imogen - I think I have to agree with you!
Antonella - sorry about that. I am sure it would have looked great on you.
nsm - it is!
Sher - I have just shipped some of my last stuff to Germany!
Cosmic - thanks!
Sharon-Rose - thank you.
Thanks Erin - you are very kind!
Stephanie - there's more!!!!
Stacy - hope you fare better and thanks for your support.
Darla - it is great to have something else to focus on for a little while.
Shopaholic - don't worry I will still keep going in some form.