Saturday, 4 April 2009

108 days to go: Dress Down Friday

The great thing about my job is that when it comes to clothes I can wear what I want.
Today my foot was a little sore and the only comfy shoes were my trainers.
But wearing trainers means wearing jeans.
So here it is....

Trainers - Nike
Jeans - Joe Brown
Top and scarf Gap
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins


Mamaoftwins said...

Since I dont work I never dressup so this is my kind of style. But its also why I like looking at what you put together for dresses so when I do have to dress up alittle I have some sort of idea on what goes together. :)
I love the outfit. Looks very cozy and comfy but well put together.

Stacy said...

That is sometimes the case with my job... although more often, it is dress up. I'm lucky though - summer is totally laid back and sundresses can be my norm.