Wednesday, 22 April 2009

89 days to go: Capsule Wardrobes

Did anyone in the UK see Gok Wan's Channel 4 show last night.
If you missed it overseas then you can watch it again on Channel 4's catch-up player.
He has a new slot in the series looking at capsule wardrobes.
My life has been one, long desperate search for an effortless, streamlined wardrobe.
However, as you can see from these posts - I am still on the journey.
And I do not travel it alone. When I look back at my blog's keyword analysis it is always the phrase "Capsule Wardrobe" that outnumbers the rest of the words by 6 to 1.

But back to today - inspired by Kasmira - the queen of dailywear posting posing - I have been experimenting.
What do you think?

I wore:
Jeans - Joe Brown
Shoes - Clarks
Top and sunglasses - Tesco
Jacket - French Connection (over-dyed)


Imogen Lamport said...

Capsules are an interesting wardrobe challenge, a great way of working a workable wardrobe out, but if you only have 1 capsule you'll get very very bored with your choices.

Love the trampoline pic!

SHOEGAL said...

You look fab and I love the poses! I'll be catching up with Gok at the weekend once the show is over. Love him! And I'm trying to be braver with my poses, Kasmira is very inspirational.

see you there! said...

Great shots. Thank you for not standing pidgeon toed - what's with that? So many shots have the model standing that way. To me it looks like trying "young waif" too hard.


i_b_erin said...

I too have been posting my "silly" pics...Thanks for sharing yours!
I dont think I could ever fit all my different likes into a "capsule"..:)

Mamaoftwins said...

LOL, love the poses. You look like your having alot of fun. I like the outfit. Ive never heard of the show your talking about. I'll have to look it up.

Did you see the post I left about a week ago on where some of my family members are. You had asked on my blog. I asked my mom. Shes calling her cousin to get more info. Im not even sure where Chorley is or if Im even spelling it right. I need to get my map out. Have you heard of it?

Stephanie N. said...

Very fun poses!

I always wish I could see your pictures bigger for more details. Is that a leopard-print blouse?

lunarossa said...

Missed Gok but will watch him later. Like the idea of the capsules but got problems to put them together. If you ever come to York, I've got some work lined up for you!!! Love your cheeky poses. Great to have some fun in front of the camera. Ciao. A.

Charlotte Sometimes said...

You look great in that!

Kasmira said...

The headless jump shot cracks me up!

Mervat said...

I just love these shots...keep it...ummm *up*!!

Sheila said...

I love LOVE your poses, Jane! You show so much more personality when you move around.

I love Gok Wan (they show "How to Look Good Naked" over here).

Capsule schmapsule. They're only useful if you travel. Notice how I have barely worn any of my 10 items wardrobe since I did that challenge? I got so sick of it! Boring.

Struggler said...

Jane, I'm late in discovering you, but am full of awe and admiration for your efforts. I know I would crack within the first couple of months of trying this. Hope you like the piece at