Tuesday, 28 April 2009

83 days to go: Customised Copycat

I loved Jessica's look yesterday, it was so stylishly simple.
There were a few problems in recreating the look.
1. It wasn't as hot here so the cami and sandals weren't an option.
2. None of my cami tops or t-shirts fit me right.
The solution came in the most unexpected way.
My daughter had a tantrum last night which meant an early bed-time.
When she calmed down I went upstairs and sat with her.
She had been reading a book I had given her at Christmas about how to customise clothes.
She was looking at the section on t-shirts.
After I had tucked her in I went to my room and found some old t-shirts in the throw-out pile.
I love the colour of the red t-shirt it matches one of my skirts perfectly but it was a high neck and very long.
The solution lay in a pair of scissors.
OK so it's not perfect but I am pretty pleased with the results.

I wore...
customised t-shirt - Primark
Skirt - eBay
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Brooch - charity shop
Scarf - free gift in a magazine
Sunglasses - Tesco


Imogen Lamport said...

Great revamp Jane!

Christina Lee said...


Tina said...

I really like this on you. The color is great!

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Very nice.
I really like the brooch, so cute.

SHOEGAL said...

Oo you have totally just given me an idea about customising a t shirt!

see you there! said...

Your shirt is great. I love the idea of customising clothing. I draw on mine :-)


Candycane said...

I love the idea of customising old clothes - but am a bit afraid - did you just cut it, not sew up the edges or anything?

LOVE that skirt btw it's SO pretty!

Modest Mom said...

Looks great!

Jane said...

Thanks Imogen, Christina, Modest Mom and Tina.
Charlotte - I should wear the brooch more.
Good Luck Shoegal.
Darla - I'd love to see them.
Candycane - no hemming just cut with the scissors!

Stephanie N. said...

Neat! Do you think it'll stay intact when you wash it?

see you there! said...

Jane (or anyone interested) here's a link to some photo's of one of my altered art shirts.



sallymandy said...

I love your revamp! This is the kind of thing I"m doing with my wardrobe refashion, only mostly with sweaters. I like the scarf as a balance for the boots. Nice work!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I love what you did! I'm going to have to try it -- it looks great and the color is beautiful! :)

Sher said...

Absolutely love that broach!


Stacy said...

Oh, great job! Love it!!