Wednesday, 1 April 2009

110 days to go

A very early start meant no picture until I got home from work after a 10-hour day (I'm looking a little dishevelled - sorry).
The inspection went well and our Postcard Fiction project is almost complete.

I wore....
Boots - Zara
Trousers - George
Black top - M & Co
Cardigan - Principles Petite
Necklace - DorothyPerkins


Stacy said...

I just adore that necklace... can you give us an up close look?

Jane said...

Stacy - I will do one tomorrow. I am glad you like it.

see you there! said...

A nice look. I agree with Stacy, the necklace is nice and just the right accessory.


chic said...

More necklace love! I also adore that colorful necklace, it really completes the outfit! S.

Mervat said...

Lovely colours on you Jane! Love the shorter cardigan.