Thursday, 30 April 2009

81 days to go: Halfway Down The Stairs

"Halfway down the stairs
is a stair where I sit
There isn't any other stair
quite like it."

I was inspired by Kermit The Frog's song to wear some green today.
It is also the chance to show off my stairs.
When the children were very small the carpet was ruined by muddy feet traipsing up and down.
The solution was simple.
And cheap.
Get rid of the carpet and paint the stairs white.
We got some floor paint and when the children were in bed we painted over several nights one summer.
They have that distressed (need re-painting) look at the moment but I remember singing Kermit the Frog's song when I was going cross-eyed painting one step after another.

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Gap
T-shirt (yes another refashioned T-shirt)
Cropped cardigan (New Look)


Modest Mom said...

I love Kermit and his songs.
I think it is great that you've started refashioning. Can't wait to see what you move on to next.

see you there! said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits. The stripes, the two greens that just pop. Spring!


Tina said...

You look great today, esp in the pic where you are sitting on the stairs!

sallymandy said...

You look so pretty in these photos. Love your horizontal stripes--the small kind, like Imogen says, don't make one look wide! Gap jeans, too--they save me because they fit.

chic said...

I love this on you - green really works well on you. -A

Struggler said...

I'd second that: this shade of green is a winner for you - you look fab.

Charlotte Sometimes said...

That is a nice and freash look, I like it.
Where did you get the flower?

Stacy said...

Super cute - I love the outfit. And, I heart Kermit...I learned a bunch of Muppets related things when I worked at the University of Maryland years ago...

i_b_erin said...

You can never go wrong with green..

green is keen!

I love the stripes, you look so fresh!

Mamaoftwins said...

I LOVE this outfit. Everything about it. You look great.

Kasmira said...

This is a very flattering outfit! I think a cropped cardigan is perfect on your petite frame.

Stephanie N. said...

This is one of my favorite outfits that I've seen on you. Really, really lovely. The stairs in the background certainly do it justice, too.

Jane said...

Modest Mom - It is a Bank Holiday weekend this weekend so there will be plenty of time to be creative.
Thanks Darla.
Tina - I love my stairs too.
Sallymandy - I do love my stripes and Imogen's advice has certainly given me more confidence.
A - Thanks, green isn't my best colour but this shade seems to work.
Thanks Struggler.
Charlotte - I got the flower form a shop called M & Co.
Stacy - a fellow Muppets fan!
Thanks Erin and Mama of Twins.
Kasmira - I think I will work the cropped cardigan a little more now.
Thanks Stephanie I think I will use the stairs more as the light is good!

lunarossa said...

Love your green cardi. The colour suits you well. I've got a similar stripey top. I might pop in New Look and see if they still have any left. Went to see "17 Again" as well with kids in tow last week. Wasn't bad. I think Zac Efron is growing on me! Ciao. A.

chic said...

I love this outfit! The stripes, the green cardi, and the flower are just fantastic! S.

Lesa said...

Not Kermit-ish at all. You look wonderful and I love the cardi with the flower. Really cute outfit. (nice stairs too!)

Sarah said...

You look so pretty! I love that outfit on you.

Candycane said...

I sat halfway down the stairs for my pics the other cday but thet came out to dark :( so couldnt use them ...loving the green!

Sher said...

Navy and green--- a great color combo!

Heather Bestel said...

This is a fab look for you. It shows off your tiny frame. The colours bring out your lovely skin tone. It's a winner. And may I add that it makes you look younger - always an added bonus!

Karina said...

Great outfit!
And funny, this American doesn't think of Kermit (and his nephew Robin) on hearing the words of this poem, but to A A Milne, the Englishman who penned it and brought us Winnie and Christopher Robin... :-)

Goober said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I've got to agree with some of the other comments -- I think this is one of my all-time favorite outfits. LOVE it. The stripes, the green, the flower -- it looks casual, yet pulled together.

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