Saturday, 25 April 2009

86 days to go: Football Farewell

My weekend, as regular workthatwardrobe readers will know, has for the past six months consisted of cheering for my sons on cold and windy touchlines.
With two boys playing twice a weekend and another son refereeing up to four matches a week that is a lot of football.
And a lot of dressing in unflattering layers.
But no more.
Or at least not until September.
The end of the Inter Club was marked with a mini cup final which my nine-year-old's team won 3-2.
It was an exciting match which stood at 2-2 when the game ended and as it was a final there was an extra time and a golden goal.
The team which scores the first goal in extra time would be the winners.
This picture shows my son's reaction after the golden goal was scored by his team.
Although there are still a few matches left in other leagues today marked the end of the Saturday morning games.
And a lie-in?
No chance but cricket and tennis are so much more sartorially satisfying!

I wore...
Gap Jeans
Nike Trainers
Miss Selfridge Top
Gap Scarf


chic said...

I think the scarf adds quite the touch of chic to a casual look - no unflattering layers there!

That's great that you're there cheering on your sons and that they're so active and fit! S.

Sher said...

What a handsome boy :) Congrats on winning!