Thursday, 18 December 2008

214 days to go:Cold Shower

I spent today shopping, tidying and cleaning before heading off to the gym.
I returned hoping for a lovely warm shower.
But someone had left the hot tap running and there was no hot water left.
Instead I had to endure a cold shower. Brrr!
I warmed up with a coffee at my friend Joy's house.
I am now waiting for my children to come home from school and find out who left the tap running.
Someone will be in hot water.
Sadly, it wasn't me.

I wore:
Dress - eBay
Vest - Oasis
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Zara


Stacy said...

For some reason (perhaps the person living above me?) I did not have hot water this morning either.... gosh, that is a miserable way to shower when it's cold outside, isn't it?

notSupermum said...

I love your dress Jane, really nice.

see you there! said...

Did you find the guilty party yet? You look much too nice to be handing out punishments.


Christina Lee said...

arghhhhh! I hate when that happens. Glad things are looking up for you in other ways :)

Sheila said...

Oh no! That would be awful!

But you look great! I love the dress and vest combo.

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