Monday, 1 December 2008

231 days to go: Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, day 1

Before I begin let me announce one final amendment. I have changed my blue navy jacket to a long black coat.
And the belts has gone in favour of a thick brown scarf.
It was 7 below zero when I got in the car today with forecasts of much the same so I have decided to go for as much coverage as possible.
I call this my Scottish Widows Coat after the woman in the advert wore a similar coat.
I bought this in the December sales in 1995. It was half price and cost £140.00 - most definitely an investment piece.
Back to today. I spent all morning writing reports, planning workshops and typing up work before I went to the gym and then collected the children.

Stop Press! Goober and Kristen (Shallow Coffee) have joined us!
See their blogs on my blog list.

I wore...

Red Shoes - eBay
Black Tights - Tesco
Skirt - Matalan
Red Top - Primark
Black Vest - Oasis
Scarf, worn as a bow - Marks and Spencer
Coat - Four Seasons
Bag - Sainsbury's


Sheila said...

What a gorgeous coat - definitely worth the splurge!

Love the shoes - absolutely fab!

Anonymous said...

You look very modern day Bronte!

Goober said...

I began the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge today. I thought I had linked to your site, but I'm not showing up on your list...

Computers and I do not get along!

see you there! said...

Magnificant coat. I love big winter coats but the weather here doesn't really require one very often.


Kristen said...

Love it! I'll post mine as soon as I finish my tea.

Christina Lee said...

ohh I would have changed coats too with that kind of weather! Grea coat. looking forward to seeing more of the challenge!

Jane said...

Kristen and Goober - Please accept my apologies. You are up there now.
Thanks guys I look forward to reading your blogs.
Darla - I wish I didn't need a coat!!mistlave

mothertoall said...

I have my items....but i'm having trouble figuring out what to do next...LOL.
I haven't started my blogging at all....but really wanted to do the challenge. So, know I'm doing it...and just a little hand holding here because I have no idea what to do next!

Jane said...

Hi mothertoall. Don't worry about blogging just keep leaving comments until you are comfortable with more.
I have listed all the bloggers who are joining us. We will us e our 10 items and five accessories to wear Monday - Friday.
Just keep checking in and if you aren't blogging just list.
Have fun!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Ooooh, I love that color red, it really pops...and tying a thicker scarf like that into a bow -- FABULOUS! You DO look very "Bronte" like Karen said...really love this whole outfit :)

notSupermum said...

Love the coat, and I bet you get your money's worth out of it even thought it cost a bit.

Thanks for providing the list of participants - I'm just off to see what everyone is up to!

mothertoall said...

oatmeal l/s tshirt dress
black boots
brown boots
cabernet/wine colored l/s tee
olive green l/s shirt
grey cardigan
khaki pants
denim skirt
white s/s tee
black tank
black belt
brown belt
silver hoops
glass dangle handpainted earrings
long dot scarf

brown wool coat
scarf and hat and gloves
strangely enough...thats almost everything I presently own....
thanks for helping me out!

janettaylor said...

Oh, what a lovely shoes! Great choice...

Congratulations your outfit...

xoxo: Janet

Londyn said...

I love this look. The red scarf in a bow is adorable!

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