Saturday, 6 December 2008

226 days to go: The Challenge Goes on

The challenge goes on ...almost!
I was just about to throw the dress in the washing pile when I realised I was running late.
I threw it on with my black polo neck, denim jacket and the tulle petticoat.
I planned to get change later as we are having friends round for dinner so wasn't too worried about wearing it again.

I wore...
Boots - Clark's
Dress - Wallis
Polo Neck - New Look
Denim Jacket - Tesco
Red Pendant - Virgin View


notSupermum said...

That's a lovely photo of you Jane, did your son take it?

Jane said...

I am afraid my sons were all out today and I had my friend, the tripod!

Della Street Dreaming said...

As I have just written to Sheila, I'm feeling sad that I didn't participate in this great challenge & now it's not really the right time because school is almost finished for the summer hols & I'll be in my Teachers Are Always on Holiday Wardrobe until the end of January.
But you're working from home & you still did it. So maybe I could too. It's such a fantastic idea & I loved how you used your thrifty ingenuity to perhaps creatively stretch the rules to improve your outfit - e.g. the addition of that fab petticoat which transformed you into dare I say, not just Anna, but Deborah Kerr!

Hillary said...

I just discovered your blog through Kayleigh at Fashionably Later. Great idea for a challenge. I need to "work with what i got" too. Love the dress!

Karen said...

Okay, you get extra points for the extra day!

Candycane said...

I know this is a old post but have only just seen this picture (as linked from your new blog) you look stunning!