Tuesday, 9 December 2008

223 days to go: Bring Back Summer

What a busy day!
Son number three was sent home from school yesterday due to a "sore tummy."
An hour later he was bouncing off the walls.
This morning his tummy was "sore" again.
But by 10am he had written two songs, practised on the piano and was desperate to go back to school.
I rang the school and they said to bring him in.
How do parents with set working hours cope?
But I digress - back to clothes. After a week of wearing a restricted wardrobe I am back to shopping in my closet.
The last time I wore this top it was the middle of summer.
I also rediscovered my Joe brown jeans and faithful black polo neck.
I also have a new idea for a one-off one-day challenge before Christmas. Any takers?

I wore....

Jeans - Joe Brown
Shoes - Clark's
Top - Asda
Polo - New Look


Kristen said...

Challenge me!

Stacy said...

I might be interested....

notSupermum said...

Hmm, a one day challenge? How hard can it be? Bring it on!

Goober said...

I'm in!

Sheila said...

I'm in!