Tuesday, 16 December 2008

216 days to go: Calamity Jane

I may be down but I'm not out.
And thanks to all the kind messages from fellow bloggers I feel I am not alone.
My challenge for today was choose an outfit inspired by a song.
Well, it's not exactly a single song but an album - Calamity Jane.
According to my research Calamity Jane was involved in long-running disputes which sums up how I am feeling right now.
I had planned to be the Lady In Red but with two children at home sick my original outfit was not appropriate.
Once again I wouldlike to thank everyone for the kind thoughts and thank everyone who rose to the challenge of choosing an outfit inspired by a song!

I am wearing:
Boots - Clark's
Red tights (not seen) New Look
Blue Skirt - Noa Noa
Red t-shirt - Primark
Red top Zara


Sheila said...

I hope you're doing better, hon.

I don't know that album/artist, but you look great! I'll have my outfit up after work.

KT said...

Cheer up! I may have to bust out another song for you:
Cheep Cheep
Chirp Chirp
Cheer Up Cheer Up Cheer Up
Chirping is the way we keep our spirits up so Cheep Cheep Chirp Chirp Cheer Up Cheer Up Cheer Up
(Maybe from the Muppets? I sang it to my girls when they were down...)

Stacy said...

Hey, I didn't do my outfit today (gosh, this week is kicking my butt and it is only Tuesday!). But, hopefully tomorrow! Take care of yourself...

see you there! said...

Is that from a musical? It really is a calamity that you have to children home sick but good you can be there with them.


K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Ack, sick kids would get me down & qualify as a calamity in my book. I'm usually a basket case over it myself. I hope they are on the mend ASAP and that you feel better too.

I love the outfit, tho, and am I right in that this is the Doris Day thing? Too cute -- you come up with the most clever ideas, honestly :)

Cat said...

I finally got my outfit posted this evening. Song of inspiration: Golddigger by Kanye West.

I'm not familiar with the album Calamity Jane. I'd love to hear how the music inspired your outfit.

Jane said...

Thanks everyone, especially KT who seranaded me with sweet thoughts.
Yes the musical is Calamity Jane, a Frontier Woman who wore long skirts and high neck blouses.

Cat said...

Thanks for the explanation. That outfit is a clever way to dress cowgirl style without making it a costume. I particularly like the red blouse with a white pattern. It's nicely western-inspired without being overwhelmingly frontierswoman.