Thursday, 11 December 2008

222 days to go: Later- Blue Velvet

It was my first "Christmas Do" of the year.
I went for a meal with my friends, Denise, Pauline, Brenda, Sue and Di. We all met when our children were very small.
In fact Brenda and I met in the maternity ward.
We vaguely knew each other, having been introduced by a mutual friend at church.
Our second babies were both due on March 10th but on the day both babies (Joe and Rebecca, now 13) arrived within hours of each other on March 8th.
Brenda gave birth at around 6pm and I was wheeled into the next bed after Joe was born at 9.15pm!
Our children all went to the same nursery and primary schools where we met the other mums along the way.
I am the only one with a child still at primary school as everyone else was very sensible and stuck with two!
As we don't see as much of each other now it was great to catch up and as usual we promised to meet again sooner rather than later.

I wore...
Blue Velvet shift dress - Autograph
Black tights - Tesco
Black patent shoes and hair ornament - Dorothy Perkins
Black Patent Belt - River Island
Bag - a 40th birthday gift from Di (from Lakeland)


Christina Lee said...

you look gorgeous!!!

Kristen said...

you are stunning!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Wow -- that dress is amazing on you. I love, love, love the color and that belt just really makes you look svelte & sexy :)

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Beautiful! I love the color on you, as well!

Sheila said...


Jane, you are a lovely lady, but are STUNNING in this. the hair accessory is perfect - I want it!

You ever get tired of that dress, you know where to send it. Speaking of sending, if you are serious about the pink jacket, drop me your contact info in a comment on my blog (I won't publish the comment) and I will pop it in the mail. :)

Jane said...

Thanks everyone. I bought this dress in a sale two years ago but haven't worn it because I didn't think it suited me.
The day I eventually did wear it I had planned to wear another dress but the zip broke and I grabbed this one. I may wear it for Christmas Day now.