Thursday, 4 December 2008

228 days to go: Blowin' in the Wind

It is the penultimate day of our challenge fellow bloggers and time to have some fun.
Andrea sent me this petticoat and as I am allowed undergarments I am claiming it as an allowable wear.
Just look what a difference it makes to this dress.

I have swapped one of the scarves I had planned to wear tomorrow for the red necklace as I felt my neck was bare and I have re-used the red scarf from Monday as a belt.
I can only get away with this underskirt during the day as I work from home but I've had so much fun swanning around the house like Anna in The King And I.
I tried to do a Kasmira twirl for the camera to show off the petticoat and didn't get it right. However, luckily a sudden gust of wind managed to do the trick.
What will I wear tomorrow?
The answer my dear friends is blowin' in the wind!

I wore.. Dress (as Tuesday) Scarf (as Monday) Tights and Boots (as Tuesday) Petticoat (Andrea) Necklace - Virgin Vie Long sleeve t-shirt (as Tuesday)


Cat said...

I have really been enjoying the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge this week. That petticoat does make a huge difference with that dress. It was a nice dress before, but now it's spectacular!

Sheila said...

I love this look! This is just so gorgeous and pretty and girly. And you look lovely.

Nice job on the twirl! I've tried to do one as well, with utter failure.

Thanks for the words of support, Jane - it's been a tough week (outside of my wardrobe blogging).

notSupermum said...

Great photos Jane!

Christina Lee said...

gorgeous-I love the dress as a dress best-it shows off how pretty it is -and the petticoat helps!!!

see you there! said...

It looks like you are having a lot of fun twirling your skirt. Really gives the dress a different look doesn't it?


Karen said...

Jane, I love you, twirling around in front of your tripod. If you can do this, why not do a few shots tomorrow on the tramp?

I want one of Andrea's skirts.

Please put your text back to the old one!