Saturday, 28 February 2009

142 days to go: A room of my own

"a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction,"
wrote Virginia Woolf.
I have to agree and for around 80% of the time this is my room.
It is the former family dining room but when I began to freelance in November 2003 it became my study/office.
In this room I write my articles, plan my workshops, keep up to date with my admin, process my PR work and write this blog.
Today I thought I would invite you in and give you a tour.
The picture of the whole room is taken from the door and shows my desk (the old dining table), shelves and in the far right corner is another desk with my PC.
I have taken an extra picture of the shelves because it sums me up - a colourful, chaotic mess!
The two shelves on the left contain photograph and scrapbook albums, the books on the shelf are mainly current books, the green boxes contain receipts and invoices. Stuffed on shelf is a dress which I tore on holiday last August and is awaiting repair.
And there are also two presents gift-wrapped and ready to give two of my closest friends, Joy and Denise who both share the same birthday - March 2nd.
The pink files contain some of my newspaper and magazine articles and the blue files are mainly finance stuff.

Yesterday I posted about how I am very untidy but I hate mess.
The shelves represent the mess but the desk where I work is tidy.
Occasionally I will get out my laptop but I like to write on a clutter-free table with flowers on.
I prefer writing long-hand with a fountain pen whenever possible.
I have been asked to write more about my work so am thinking of setting up a separate blog - let me know what you think.
But back to my clothes.

Today was football and we had to cycle there as my husband had the car.
I wore...
Ugg Boots
Gap jeans
Long sleeve top - Primark
Short sleeve cardigan - Dorothy Perkins


Imogen Lamport said...

I've got shelves that look like that, only my desk is covered in stuff I'm working on too!

I can barely write a phone message by hand these days - I do everything on my laptop.

I think just add your writing stuff to this blog - I can't keep up with more blogs!

lunarossa said...

I think your selves are extremely tidy compared to mine!!! Not to mention the desk! I spent the last 1/2 hour to find a receipt for something I have to take back to the shop!!!All the best. Ciao. A.