Monday, 2 February 2009

168 days to go: Girl With A Pearl Ear-Ring - Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge Week - Day One

It's the first day of Thrifty Muse's Michelle Obama Challange.
I opted for red on a cold, snowy morning.

Red always adds a bit of fire and energy and makes me feel warmer even when I'm not.
As I have to use what I already have the pearls aren't exactly the same. These ones were a find during a reporting assignment in Hong Kong in September 2002.
I have had the red cashmere cardigan in my closet for a few years now.
I don't know what else Michelle was wearing when this photo was taken but I have paired the pearls and red top with a floral skirt.

I wore:
Boots and pearl ear-rings - Dorothy Perkins
Tights and cardigan - Tesco
Skirt - Matalan
Vest top - Peacocks
Belt : Marks and Spencer (off a dress)
Pearls - Hong Kong


see you there! said...

I like the look of a *sweater set* and hope it is making a comeback. Your pearls are lovely and of course red is one of your best colors.


lunarossa said...

Love the outfit, Jane, absolutely perfect. I don't think many people would pull it off with a red floral skirt in this cold winter but you did it!!! Like the pearls, surely a fantastic find. Also noticed you've got beautiful green eyes...Perfect. Ciao. Antonella

Cat said...

That red is a great shade on you. I like the floral skirt you chose. Mrs. O has an apparent love of floral patterns as well.

Heather Bestel said...


Anonymous said...

I think you look absolutely fabulous darling, and hats off to your eco challenge, but why Mrs BO?

Imogen Lamport said...

v. cute!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I think this looks great -- I'm a big fan of that skirt. It's a great wardrobe staple that you've made work for you year-round.

Jane said...

Thanks Darla, Michelle and Imogen, lunarossa, Heather and Cat.
Okathleen - welcome. I guess its just the down to earthness of an extraordinary woman who shares a love of clothes.

The Writing Instinct said...

Hi Jane! This is just beautiful and fits your frame perfectly. I'll have to come back here to copy you when it is cool enough...we Sydney-siders have been told to brace ourselves for an upcoming heat wave!!

Anonymous said...

Good Jane! Perfect skirt!