Tuesday, 24 February 2009

147 days to go: Polka Dot Princess

I love polka dots.
The dots on this dress are white, red and taupe.
The ruffled neck makes me feel like an Elizabethan princess.
I recently acquired these new shoes from Clarks which I purchased using the Paypal credit for selling several eBay items.
I wish I had waited a few weeks as yesterday I received a 20% off voucher for all Clarks adult shoes when I bought my daughter some new school shoes.
They are more expensive but well worth the investment.
Clarks shoes are one of the valuable lessons I have learned from keeping this blog - if I am going to wear heels all day they need to be good, well-fitted shoes.

Today I wore:
Shoes (as mentioned)
Tights - Tesco
Belt - M&S (off a dress)
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins


Sheila said...

I love this dress on you!

I totally agree about the shoes - I used to buy really cheap shoes that would kill my feet. Now, I'm quite happy to pay a little more for a better quality shoe that doesn't hurt my feet.

Cat said...

I feel about my Naturalizer shoes the way you feel about your Clarks. The heels I wear the most are from Naturalizer--they fit well and are comfortable. I just have to make sure they don't look like granny shoes.

Forever Amber said...

I love polka dots too - that dress is fab!

I've also been really impressed with Clarks, lately. It used to be a store it just wouldn't occur to me to visit, but some of the new season stuff is really quite nice!

lunarossa said...

I agree, Clarks has got better and really stylish nowadays. Love your shoes. I like dots as well. That dress suits you really well. Got the same tights as yours! All the best. Ciao. A.

Stacy said...

I really love that dress! It looks wonderful on you.

Londyn said...

Fab look! Love the ruffle dress with the belt and sweater -- just perfect together!

chic said...

Great pattern mixing with the dress and tights, and I love the blue cardi to finish off the look! I'm a fan of polka-dots myself.
S. of academichic.com

Heather Bestel said...

Love dots, very dotty over at our house.
Also love Clarks shoes. Get Zoe's shoes from there and often see something for me.

Bought some expensive boots and a handbag about 3 years ago from Clarks. They were certainly worth the money. Still going strong and are soooooo comfy.

Maybe it's an age thing - but I really need comfortable shoes!!! LOL

Christina Lee said...

cute- and LOVE the shoes and cardi!

Jane said...

Sheila - I am glad you like the dress and I have found that lots of cheap shoes is a false economy.
Cat - I haven't heard of that brand but Clarks have smartened up their act in the past few years.
Thanks Forever Amber - I agree. I used to only shop for the children's shoes there. Now there are a couple of pairs I love every season.
lunarossa - thank you - aren't the tights great?
thanks Stacy and Heather
Christina - I love the colour of this cardigan; I am glad you like it.

Goober said...

That dress is amazing, amazing, AMAZING!

I learned to truly love Clarks last summer. After having my feet ache from wearing crappy Old Navy $2 flip flops, I invested in a nice pair of Clarks flip flops. I wore them all summer and my feet never hurt.

mbbored said...

I love Clark's with a passion. There's an outlet store just 30 minutes from my home, and my friend and I have to pop in each time we're in that direction. Their heels are great for going out, so we can look cute but still walk around, and their flats are so comfortable and attractive, and more than sturdy enough for my job as a scientist.