Monday, 2 February 2009

167 days to go: Working the work jacket - Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge Day Two

This picture gave me the chance to retrieve a suit jacket from the pile of clothes I was planning to recycle.
A few years ago I spent quite a bit of my time working in corporate environments.
But not anymore.
This jacket has lain redundant ever since.
It is quite a nice wool jacket with a cream stripe running through the fabric.
I was leading a writing workshop on secrets in the prison today which was fun.

I wore:
Shoes - Clark's
Jeans - Joe Brown
Shirt - Asos (I have snipped off the ties)
Jacket - Next petite
Scarf - Paul Smith
Necklace - Top Shop


Cat said...

I like how you took a fairly standard blazer and created a funky purple hued ensemble.

Christina Lee said...

funny b/c I ended up doing this for a dinner out this past weekend, using a blazer I didn't think I wanted anymore!:)

lunarossa said...

Lovely jacket. Like the combination with jeans. Would like to hear more about your workshop. Sounds really interesting! Ciao. Antonella