Friday, 6 February 2009

164 days to go: Tapering off Michelle Obama Wardrobe Week With Taupe

It is the final day of my Five Day Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge to create outfits inspired by the USA's new First Lady.
So here is a fusion effort.
I have taken the colour, a cardigan, a cream shirt and worked with what was in my wardrobe.
Thank you for all the comments and to Cat for coming up with the challenge.
It has been fun dressing with a mission but I am glad it is over. I am getting a little fed up of cardigans and belts.
Before I sign this off please vote in the poll on the right for your favourite workthatwardrobe interpretation of Michelle Obama's wardrobe.

Next week I will be dressing based on Imogen's Polyvore which has been designed exclusively for me.
Find out how I get on.

Today I wore
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Gap Curby
Belt - Mexx
Shirt - Biba


see you there! said...

The cardigan/belt thing seems to be a favorite for Mrs. O. I think you have your own style and while it was interesting to follow someone elses example for a week it isn't the Real You.

I look forward to watching you complete the next challenge.


KT said...

Man, you really, really rocked it this week.

Imogen Lamport said...

Interesting how someone else's style becomes dull after only 5 days for you!

Heather Bestel said...

Can't wait for next week's outfits. Imogen has done a great job and I really look forward to seeing you in those ensembles. You and I are a similar height and shape so I may get lots of inspiration.
Have fun
Heather x

Kathie Truitt said...

I agree with "See you there".. I much prefer the outfits you piece together on your own and you've even given me inspiration to re-style my own wardrobe.
Besides, most of us here in the states are very disappointed in out First Ladies style. She really doesn't have one. That is nothing against her personally. We love the way she loves her husband and her family, but as far as style, she just doesn't have it together.

I am really looking forward to next week when we have 'you' back.

Sheila said...

This really is a great look on you, but I can see how you would get bored with the cardi/belt thing. I do that look pretty frequently myself, and it's such an "office uniform" type of style that it does get dull for us creative dressing types.

Don't get me wrong, I think Mrs. O is lovely, and that style suits her perfectly. But it does lack the slightly "whackadoo" quality that I love in style.

Jane said...

Darla - By the end of the week I started to realise it wasn't me and very quickly I got bored.
Thanks KT - it was fun, for a while.
Imogen - You are so right - developing your own style is th emost important although I am looking forward to next week.
Heather - I will think of you when I out the outfits together.
Kathie - I have only heard positive stuff about Michelle but I can see how th elook can become staid.
Sheila - I am looking forward to being me again.

The Writing Instinct said...

Just a note that my fav. outfit is Day 4 (Magenta dress)and it really is because that dress is just you: colour, cut, the lot just suits you to a perfect T!

Mervat xo