Wednesday, 25 February 2009

145 days to go: Inspired by Fashion For Nerds

When I saw Audi's blog yesterday it reminded me that I had a longer skirt I hadn't worn in a while.
Although this is not an exact replication I took the idea of a vest/tank top over a long sleeve layer and long skirt.
I am not a great fan of blouses as I have narrow shoulders and a larger bust and they don't seem to fit properly. I much prefer long sleeved t-shirts or blouses that don't have buttons down the front.

I am wearing:
skirt from Oasis
Shoes from Clarks
Tights from Tesco
Long sleeve t-shirt and tank top from Primark
Necklace from Next


see you there! said...

Very nice. That's the skirt length I prefer since I'm older than most of you blogging fashion.


Imogen Lamport said...

Cute necklace. I think you need to take that skirt up by about an inch - it's just slightly too long for you which is stepping into dowdy territory, which you Jane are definitely not. I think this is the reason you don't wear this skirt often.

Cat said...

I have an almost identical skirt, but I shortened it to knee-length. I love to wear it will knee-high boots.

lunarossa said...

I agree with shorten the length of the skirt. Show us your knees! Love the effect blouse-tank top. All the best. Ciao. Antonella

Unknown said...

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