Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Shoe Giveaway

As the very kind KT has offered me her blazer I have decided to pay the goodwill forward.
I love these yellow shoes but they don't love me.
They are a half size too big and my feet shuffle around.
I have worn them twice and I would love them to go to a good home.
I am happy to mail them worldwide so please leave a message in the comments box or email me at workthatwardrobe@googlemail.com if you would like them.
If there is more than one person then I will draw names out of a hat and contact the winner (for an address via email).
They are a UK size 5 - a European size 38. I think that means a US size 7 but I am not sure about the Australian sizes.


Low Cost High Style said...

Oh my goodness...I adore them and I wear a size 7. I live in denton tx :) ~Kendra~

Alison said...

Those are totally cute shoes!! If for some reason Kendra decides she doesn't want them, I'd love to give them a new home.

Ruthe said...

Good morning Jane. I think the shoes are divine. Unfortunately, I wear only flats, but I think what you are doing is outstanding! Read your blog everyday and wish we had more people like you (maybe we do and I haven't met them yet). Tip of the hat to you girl! Ruthe

Christy said...

Love the shoes!! And they're my size :)

Christina Lee said...

darn wish they were my size (9 US)

see you there! said...

What a generous offer. I'm a US 6 tho - and rarely wear heels. I hope the winner posts a picture wearing them when they get to their new home.


aScotinItaly said...

I can just imagine me walking throught he streets here in Sicily wearing those lovely yellow shoes. It's bad enough being a blonde(well used to be) blue eyes Scot, but a Blonde blue eyes Scot wearing yellow shoes would certainly turn a few heads..
Oh and guess what, I take a size 5.
I pop by every day to read your blog and I still promise to do so even if I don't win the shoes. xx

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Those are super cute and the heels don't look too high, so I could probably get away with wearing them regularly. I wear a 7 to a 7.5, depending on the shoe (it seems shoe sizes are all over the map these days). Anyway, it would be fun to give them a try!

Jane said...

So far that's five takers.
So I've decided to stage a closing date for entries - midnight GMT on Feb 11th.
After that I will put all names into a hat and name the winner on my blog tomorrow.

The Writing Instinct said...

You may have started the latest Blog/internet craze...all out of the goodness of your heart! I have shoes in my cupboard that have hardly been worn (if ever) that are either too big or too small. May just give this a try!


Imogen Lamport said...

That's a Australian size 7

KT said...

Psst- Over here! Cute shoes. Next time, try an 8.5 US. :)