Thursday, 27 November 2008

235 days to go: Workthatwardrobe today Robert Downey Jr tomorrow

Some more eBay swaps have arrived in the post.
After reading all about Kasmira's yellow shoes this summer I longed for a pair.
And after scouring the auctions I found some.
They aren't leather but then I am a vegetarian so shouldn't really wear leather anyway.
And, can you believe it, they are a perfect fit.
I need cheering up.
1. It's raining.
2. I have mountains of boring admin to do.
3. It's Parent's Evening for my eldest son tonight.
But whatever the weather I have my very own sunshine now.
And another dose of feelgood came when I saw this picture of Robert Downey Jr in Liverpool with Jude Law last weekend.
He is wearing the same Matthew Williamson scarf I got free in InStyle magazine.

Today I decided to tie it in a bow to keep my neck warm.
Where workthatwardrobe goes today, Hollywood stars follow tomorrow.
So with my new yellow shoes I will bow out for today.
I wore -
Skirt - Noa Noa
Aqua long sleeved T - C & C
Navy sweater - Zara
Navy Tights - John Lewis
Yellow Shoes - eBay
Scarf - Free with InStyle magazine


notSupermum said...

You trendsetter, you!

Sheila said...

Ha! You're always ahead of your time, Jane. Love the yellow shoes - the tights are maybe a bit dark for them?

Karina said...

You are darling as usual! Agree with Sheila on the tights.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Those yellow shoes are soooooo cute!

And wow, I'm a vegetarian too, vegan in fact -- small world :)

I confess I do own some leather shoes, but they were either pre-vegan days or thrift shop finds. I have all kinds of foot probs so I need to really be careful of what shoes I wear and sometimes that means leather is my best option, so I try to minimize the exception by purchasing secondhand. But otherwise for me it's no leather, no wool or cashmere, no silk, etc.

How long have you been veg?

Jane said...

Thanks nsm.
Sheila and Karina - I can see what you mean about the tights looking at the pic again.
Kayleigh - I have been vegetarian since 1985 when I started university. It's long story but shortly before I went to uni I went on holiday to what was then called Yugoslavia (Croatia now). Out of the blue I had an asthma attack and ended up in a hospital where I couldn't speak the language, couldn't breathe and they were injecting me with stuff (steroids). It was terrifying. When I got home I read all I could about asthma and discovered that one of the causes of asthma attacks after childhood could be a reaction to the hormones they put in meat. I gave up meat on the spot and have never touched it since.

Christina Lee said...

I have to say it looks better on you than Robert Downey-LOL!

Anonymous said...

LOL the scarf on RD Jr.!!!! What a hoot!

Love the hair Jane, but I think you could take it up to the bottom of your cheekbone next time...

If you're going to use shoes that bright, pull something very bright up to your face; maybe a solid. Or use a bright bag. For now, all I can see are "shoes." XO

Jane said...

Thanks Christina and Karen - you are so right.
I didn't have any other yellow so got a yellow t-shirt and yellow scarf with my eBay credit.