Friday, 31 October 2008

262 days to go: Lest We Forget

I posted on Darla's blog this week about how History and English were my favourite subjects at school.
As a teenager I particularly enjoyed studying the war poets. My favourite was Wilfrid Owen - killed within hours of the armistice.
I can still remember the chill down my spine when our English teacher read out "Greater Love" , a poem which begins...
"Red lips are not so red
as the stained stones kissed by the English dead"
Immediately I was transported to the battlefields and the vivid picture of young men wounded and dying.
My favourite Wilfrid Owen poem is "Strange Meeting" and tells a poetic story about two fallen soldiers who had fought on opposing sides.
"I am the enemy you killed my friend" makes me weep as I write this and think of all those young men and women who lost their future for their fellow countrymen.
For those who have fought in the past and for those who continue to fight for us today.
I picked up this poppy yesterday - it will be one of many as I lose countless during the early days of November - and knew I had to wear red.

The skirt comes from Oasis
The red long sleeved top for Primark
The cardigan from TK Maxx
The boots from Zara
The belt is from ASOS
The coat from Tesco
The collar from Tesco
Poppy from The Royal British Legion


KT said...

Oh my gosh- you look so very very posh and together in this! I love it!

Leslie said...

Love this look! So chic and polished!

Sheila said...

The poem that always gets me is "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae (Google it). We wear poppies over here as well. Lest we forget.

You look very classic.

Karen said...

The collar makes the whole thing! It's funny, b/c yesterday I was thinking of sending you this cute peterpan fur collar I don't wear!

see you there! said...

Such a nice look. Poppies are used to remember here as well.

Thanks for the mention of my blog and for the links to some wonderful poetry.


hollarback said...

"The Green fields of France" is the song I always think of.

I was in Ireland - the North and the Republic at this time a year or so back - and it was strange not seeing the poppies in the ROI for me. We wear them here too (US).