Monday, 27 October 2008

267 days to go: Brown and Turquoise

I am following Sheila's advice today who recommended one of her favourite mixes - brown and turquoise.
It was a rainy day today, the children were cooped up, there was no football due to half-term and everyone was a little tetchy.
I don't know what effect my clothes had on my mood but I went to bed early glad to get the day over with.
I wore
Jeans - Gap
Cowboy Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Dress - Primark
T-shirt - C&C
Cardigan - Gap
Scarf - free with magazine


Heather Bestel said...

I love these two colours together and wear them a lot. I also love turquoise with lime green (makes quite a statement) and have recently liked it with dark purple.
Happy experimenting!
Heather x

Anonymous said...

I learned a new word today! "Tetchy!"

see you there! said...

Great color combo. I've had those days when I can't wait to get to bed and have the come to and end. Hope today is brighter in every way.


The Daily Wear said...

love this look on you. I want that scarf! Great thing to get free with a magazine!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I adore this color combo, too! It looks terrific and all the elements of this outfit work really well together. Turquoise is another color that looks great on you. :)