Thursday, 30 October 2008

Inspiration Boards - Isaac Mizrahi

Karen's post about Inspiration Boards made me dig out this one I did last winter.
I was supposed to be working but ended up flicking through magazines picking out clothes, colours, ideas, words and dreams which inspired me.
At the heart of it all is my family.
I notice there is hardly any pink but lots of red.

Some of those dreams have come true -

I have planted fruit trees in my garden
I bought an inspiring dress (see yesterday)
I made time to watch the sunsets
I enjoyed a lovely beach holiday
I painted the chairs in my breakfast room (red, pink and blue)
I got a pink guitar for my birthday
I acquired (via eBay) a lovely red skirt
I watched Flamenco in Barcelona
I bought some shelves for my writing room (cum dining room cum family room)
I kept on running
We lived (albeit just for a weekend) in a house by the sea
I rediscovered the pink mini diablo pink Cartier pen I was given for my 40th birthday
I saved money (represented by the pink piggy bank) by setting myself this workthatwardrobe challenge

Still to do are:

Visit The Alahambra Palace
Finish my novel
Go back to New York
Live in a house with a red Aga
Own a pair of Ugg boots


KT said...

I think it is so awesome that you did that! I am 50% inspired to do one now. (OK, I am more like 100% inspired but also know that when it comes to actually getting it done I am only 50% there!)

Karen said...

Jane, I will meet you in New York if you go. I go every year at least for shopping, theatre and museums! Youcould bring a kid and I'll take my daughter.

Stacy said...

You totally need Uggs.... that's a good purchase. Love 'em!

see you there! said...

Great inspiration board. I've been tempted but never actually made one. Nice to see that you checked some of the things off that were important to you.


Christina Lee said...

You jsut inspired me to do one! In the book The Secret they tell you to make one and I never have but I need to.