Monday, 6 October 2008

287 days to go: In the Pink

After two days of jeans, jumpers and wellies I couldn't wait for a skirt.
I hadn't worn this skirt in a while so I have teamed it up with a new pink Boden (eBay swap) shirt, my faithful thermal camisole from M&S and black tights, shoes and necklace all from Tesco.
I am coming to the end of my eBay swaps now although I haven't worn them all yet.

I swapped the following
Gap Tunic Dress (Just didn't suit my shape)
Two pairs of skinny Jeans (ditto)
Zara Pencil Skirt (too small)
Two leather jackets, one from new Look and one from Gap which were both too big.
Two Gap skirts - too big
Two DVF dresses (bought on eBay and not very flattering)
One Marc Jacons dress (bought on eBay and too small across the bust)
Next jeans (too small)
Next trousers (too big)
Karen Millen Dress (too small)
Top Shop cardigan (too big)
Two Top Shop jackets (too small)
One pair of New Look Shoes
One grey Gap coat (too small)
One Boden skirt (too big)

In return I have got

1 black cardigan
2 green cardigans (Next and French Connection - different styles)
Grey Shift dress (Episode)
Two skirts from Gap
Purple Gap Shrug
Long skirt from Warehouse
Knee length skirt form Zara
Red shirt (Next)
Pink Shirt (Vila
Two casual dresses (Joe Brown and Tu)
Boden Linen shirt (on today!)
Wallis Dress (worn Friday)
Black Tunic (Per Una)
Two silk tunic dresses (Oasis)
Joe Brown Jeans
Black and white suit (Daphne Reed)
Asos flower print top
Betty Barclay Halter neck dress
Brown Suede Jacket
Gap Dress
Black Pea Coat (Old Navy)
Top Shop Dress


Michelle@Life with Three said...

Gosh, got some great stuff! I love the Joe Brown jeans -- they fit you perfect. That pink is also a very pretty color on you. I'm so impressed at your thriftyness! What a great way to make the most of what you have!

Stacy said...

Great deals! I'm looking forward to seeing additional things down the road.

see you there! said...

Looks like you did well with the eBay thing. I don't know much about many of the brands you mention but the clothes you've shown so far are great.


KT said...

FAB-U-LOUS! Those tights are so flipping cute on you!!! What a great look!

Christina Lee said...

great stuff!and great outfit!!!!!
BTW, I tagged you!

Kristen said...

I'm a lurker to your site, but I wanted to tell you how fabulous you (and your outfits)are. I am using your blog as an inspiration for myself. I don't think I can stick with a year of no new clothes or books but, because of you, I am going to do my best.

Thank you!

Heather Bestel said...

You are an inspiration!
Great idea to do the swap. You do realise don't you, that you could just keep the swapping going indefinately and never need to spend money on clothes again - ever!!!
Heather x
Big hugs

Leslie said...

This outfit is adorable! So cute!

So you'll have to post and tell us what the first thing you're going to buy when your year up is! I'd have a list going by now I know. I admire your willpower!

Angie said...

Okay - I must be missing something. What is an Ebay swap? I buy things all the time but no swapping. I am confused.
You have great willpower - I am lucky to go a week without buying something!!

workthatwardrobe said...

Michelle you are right the jeans are like a dream.
Stacy - I have plenty more to come.
Darla - most of th ebrands are well known in the UK.
KT - Thanks. I love the tights too and I've had them for several years. Not bad for the supermarket!
Kristen - welcome.Heather - The thought had crossed my mind. Ihave learned what kind of stuff holds resale and what doesn't.
Thanks you Leslie.
Angie welcome. An eBay swap in my book is where you "sell" all the clothes you no longer want through Paypal. When you have built up enough credit you can use Paypal to pay so in effect they are swaps. Be sure to take into account the postage.
That way money never changes hands or leaves your bank account!
Christina - thanks for the tag. I am still thinking of my seven blogs.

Heather Bestel said...

Also great idea for a non-fiction book.
Beating the credit crunch by refreshing wardrobe online - for a whole year.
I'm sure you've thought of that as well!
Get writing that proposal.
Love Heather

Della Street Dreaming said...

Great outfit & a creative way of not actually buying anything.