Monday, 20 October 2008

273 days to go: Black Monday

Ah! I don't always get it right.
In my enthusiasm to make do and mend my wardrobe I tried to shorten this dress. It went a little too short.

Instead of a flirty little dress I am left with a straight up and down tunic.
I wasn't put off.
I was on a mission.
I found these Gap pants which are too short so I rolled them up.
I had tried tucking the trousers in the boot but they just wouldn't zip up again.
I tried it plain then decided to give karen's belt a go.
Any votes on which you prefer fellow bloggers?

Customised tunic..M&S
Trousers.. Gap
Boots.. Zara
Pendant.. Magazine free girt
Belt... gift form Karen.


Sheila said...

Love the tunic with the obi belt. The pants/boots combo are a little original Star Trek for me (have never been a fan of the boots/cropped pant thing for that very reason!).

But you look lovely! :)

Della Street Dreaming said...

I think you look great in both. But I really like the, is it an Obi? One thing - I think it would look even better & more impactful without the pendant. This is coming from someone who looks like Christmas Tree every day!
I'm so enjoying your Make Do & mend attitude!

see you there! said...

Ok, I'll be the one to say the black without the belt. Then again I'm a *less is more* kinda gal. I'd second Della St Dreaming tho - belt OR necklace, not both.


Jane said...

Thanks for the comments. I really do appreciate it when you tell me what doesn't work. Looking back at the photograph it is soo obvious. But I love to keep trying!

Stacy said...

I like it with the belt - looks perfect.

SHOEGAL said...

You are totally inspiring me to make better use of my obi belts.

I have awarded you an Honest Blogger Award! See my blog post for details.

Karina said...

My vote goes for without the belt - it looks less constricting. I think the belt looks like it tried too hard ... or something.
But if you do wear the belt, eliminate the necklace.

Thanks for always being such a great inspiration!