Thursday, 16 October 2008

278 days to go: An outfit for all seasons

It was a long day today and the weather forceast was for sun, wind and rain. My working day began at 7.15am and didn't end until 8pm which was followed by dinner with friends.
I had to find an outfit that could stand the test of time - not to mention three seasons in one day - which is why I opted for safe black and my cardigan for all seasons.
The day began at 6.30am when I took this photograph before driving to work at the prison.
After a busy day teaching and helping with the prison magazine I had to drive 40 miles to Liverpool where I led a workshop advising new businesswomen about the dark art of PR.
At 8pm my husband joined me in the city and we went to the Albert Dock to meet my friends Cathy and Peter. Cathy lives on a tugboat which is moored on the Albert Dock - just where Fred's weather map used to be.
We had a lovely meal, caught up with news before returning home around midnight.
I was pleased the outfit more than earned its keep. I bought the high-waisted trousers from Tesco last year. The cardigan was from the sale rail at Karen Millen circa 2005 and the Boden shirt was originally white but I dyed it black as I needed a black shirt and didn't have one.
Thank goodness I can have a lie-in until 7am tomorrow!


Stacy said...

I like all black with a pop of color...

Sheila said...

Holy smokes, what a busy day! I would've worn black too - but maybe not so stylishly! :) You look great.

BTW, love your running ensemble in yesterday's entry. You would laugh yourself silly if you saw my walking clothes! Definitely not stylish!

Heather Bestel said...

Just you talking about the Albert Dock has made me go all goooey for a moment there.

There, that's better - I'm alright again.

We came down for a wedding on the Wirral last month and we drove through the city centre - so much has changed.

Had no time to stop at the dock, just drove past. Must come for longer next time and have a good look round.
much love,
Heather x

Della Street Dreaming said...

I can't believe what an incredibly busy day you had - even without the kids. But you look just great!

Anonymous said...

Jane, who was minding the kids?? HA! Isn't it great to have teenagers in the house??????Did you get the belt yet?