Wednesday, 22 October 2008

271 days to go: The future is Orange Part Two

I was scrolling through my blog looking for inspiration for today when I remember how bright and cheerful I felt wearing this outfit.
As it's a working in prison day today I paired it with pants.
Later I am going shopping with Jenn.
I have no idea how that will turn out but you can be sure I'll keep you posted.

Boots - Zara
Pants - M & Co
Shirt - La Redoute
Vest - Oasis
Jewellery - magazine gift (again)


see you there! said...

I was recently gifted an orange jacket. I don't really do orange but after seeing your photo I may rethink it. Or... maybe just pass the jacket on.


that girl ? said...

I hope you didn't cave and sneak in any shopping?! I swear I would be sniffing Next carrier bags by now just to get by!

Anonymous said...

Jane, untuck the shirt and see how you like it. I think it would look better with that small vest.

KT said...

YOu look great in orange! Really you do! And serisously, what the heck magazines are you reading? You get the best stuff from them!

Jane said...

Darla - Give it a try. I never thought orange would work for me.
Thatgirl - I felt [hysically sick shopping with Jenn. I was OK in Next. I found a great skirt and jumper for Jenn. But in Oasis there were lots of things unde rhalf price with 20% off (if you bought Grazia). I am not joking when I say I felt physically sick.
Karen- I tried it untucked but it is a very flimsy, creasable light silk and looked very messy.
KT - the magazines in the UK aren't that much better. I bought this on holiday in Barcelona. It was the Spanish edition of In-Style. I bought the magazine to improve my Spanish (honest!)

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I'm just going to say one more time -- I LOVE that vest. It looks great on you!

Fabulously Broke said...

Wow. I totally admire your resolve. I couldn't go without buying clothes for one year!

Jenn said...


you didn't mention your grinding teeth, and the fingernail marks you left on the glass doors as I dragged you away from the till by your hair...

honest blogger my bum!