Tuesday, 7 October 2008

286 days to go: Back To Back

I loved Jessica's post about laying out her clothes the night before.
It is somethign I always plan to get round to but never do.
However, the lovely pictures and the lure of an extra five minutes in bed in the morning prompted me to try.It is another prison day today. I am teaching in the morning and in the afternoon will be walking around the prison catching up with progress on different projects.
I have promised myself lunch with Jenn to catch up with how new novel is working out.
I got this top from eBay for 99p, it's by Republic and I am wearing it back to front today as I love the buttons!
The Jeans are from Gap, polo neck from New Look, necklace from Monsoon and boots from Dorothy Perkins.


Stacy said...

I love that post too - it's so visually stimulating. What a great outfit you put together! That new top is great.

see you there! said...

Funny, I recently mentioned wearing cardigan's reversed and buttoned up the back on my blog. It was a brief fad when I was in my teens. One other...ah-hem, mature... person commented that they remembered that phase.


Heather Bestel said...

Love the back to front look.
Laying clothes out the night before is a brilliant idea. I find it saves loads of time and the decision making about accessories has already been done. You know the look is going to work, you can just wear and go!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

You have found some great things on ebay and I'm dying to know how! You have to do a post on how to make ebay "work for you." You could talk about finding great deals and the whole clothes swap thing -- which I didn't even know was a possibility. Is that just a UK thing, or can we do it on this side of the pond, too?

that girl ? said...

I really need to get back in the habit of doing that - if I don't lay the clothes out the night before its invariably a disaster!