Sunday, 31 May 2009

52 days to go: One Day, Three Outfits

It was a really busy Saturday.
I got up early and ran to the beach and back with the dog before moving my weights routine outside to take advantage of the warmer weather.
Later, I cycled to the park for a game of tennis with my youngest son before returning home and tidying up.
In the evening we went out for a meal with some friends which was fabulous.
And in true Cinderella style I returned home just before midnight as we have a cricket match and an early start in the morning.
The first outfit was my workout gear, second after the game of tennis was my old faithful Gap dress.
I bought this dress in 2005 from the sale rail. I think I paid £9.99 but I wear it at least 10 times a summer.
I love the tie-dye effect of the print.
The peach Catherine Malandrino dress was bought in 2005 too but I have only worn it a handful of times.
It is a lovely dress- fully lined with an amazing cut out detail in the hem.
However, I was put off the dress for a while after I saw Britney Spears wearing the same dress on the front cover of Hello magazine just after I'd bought it!

I wore...
Workout gear - Nike
Dress- Gap
Sandals- Birkenstocks
Catherine Malandrino Dress
Turquoise Shoes - River Island
Bag - a present for my 40th birthday
Necklace - Matalan


notSupermum said...

My god, I'm worn out just reading about your busy day! You look lovely in both dresses.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-wow, you packed a lot into one day and your dresses are really lovely!

Stephanie N. said...

Wow, that dress with the cut-outs is remarkable. And you look so good in it. I can't even picture it on Britney Spears... too tasteful.

Mamaoftwins said...

Those dresses look amazing on you!

You mentioned you wish you had a Wii, but I wish I lived by the beach and could exercise there. Sounds amazing!

I love how you take the time to bike and play tennis with your kids. I know your a busy woman and I think your a great mom!

i_b_erin said...

You look amazing!!! (In the dresses and also in your workout clothes, you ROCK!)

I am so digging the turq. with the softness of the dress, really makes it pop, and the dress is awesome even by itself! are one busy great mom!

see you there! said...

Both dresses are great and really look like summer.

Exercise? I looked at your cute photo's and since I "looked at exercise" I think that counts, I'll just imagine I actually did some.


Jane said...

nsm and Sharon-Rose - thank you. It was a busy day.
Stephanie - I know - it was a bit of a shock.
Mamaoftwins - I guess we should be grateful for what we have!
Erin - I love the turquoise too. And thankyou.
Darla - I am one of those strange people who love to exercise!

Stacy said...

Busy lady! You look lovely.

sole fiend said...

I am very curious, what does your closet look like?

Mervat said...

Va va voom! You look terrific in both dresses...and look at those abs! I love to exercise it's just getting myself 'there'! At the moment, with the cool weather...I am just making excuses I know!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Loving the CM dress - just goes to show how long an investment piece such as this will last you for years!

Jane said...

STacy - I paid for it on Sunday - I was shattered!
Sole Fiend - welcome and I think I will post pictures of my closet.
Mervat - thank you. I know the weather does make a huge difference. As fr the abs - they aren't as toned as they should be because I love food as much as I love exercise.
Looking Fab - I totally agree.