Monday, 18 May 2009

64 days to go: The forecast is pink

More wild, windy weather.
It's May and I'm wearing boots.
I am not happy with the weather right now so I am going to make my own.
It will be pink and frothy - just like my skirt and cardigan.
It is that time of year when you don’t want to wear a coat but it is too cold to leave the hosue without one. Thank goodness for the great range of cardigans on offer like the ones here.
Hope the weather is better for you.

I wore...
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - River Island
Belt - Off Matalan dress

T-shirt - Gap

Cardigan - Primark


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Christina Lee said...

You certainly did make your own spring!!!!

SHOEGAL said...

I'm in boots in May too. The UK climate sucks sometimes. :(

see you there! said...

Tha skirt is one of my favorite things you have in your wardrobe.


Stephanie N. said...

I've been enjoying getting to see more detailed photos of your outfits lately. I love the contrast of the soft pink sweater with the graphic-printed skirt.

Sher said...

I love the cardigan. But the colors are so springy :)

*Diane* said...

frothy skirts are perfect for twirling, you look lovely, and i want your skirt.

Stacy said...

It's chilly here. We had graduation today and I was wearing a 3/4 length sleeve sweater AND jacket and was freezing! I hope it warms up soon (for both of us).

Elaine said...

I love that skirt!! Sorry about the windy weather....that is no fun!

Modest Mom said...

You always look like a bit of spring. Pink is just your color!

Mervat said...

Pretty as always!

Jane said...

Thanks Dyanna.
Christina - the weather seemed a little more bearable in pink.
Shoegal - I love boots but hate wearing them in the summer.
Thanks Darla; I will try and wear it more often.
Stephanie - I am enjoying playing around with the camera.
Sher - thanks although I wish spring would turn into summer.
Diane - I think I am getting addicted to twirling.
STacy - I thought it was just her ein the UK.
Elaine - I have to agree.
Modest Mom and Mervat - thank you.

lunarossa said...

Awful weather here as well. Middle of May and feels like October! Love your skirt and the bit of pink. Got a pink blouse on today but doesn't help! Ciao. A.

Boutique Girl said...

Lovely skirt!