Monday, 11 May 2009

71 days to go: Manic Monday

I went to the dentist today to get the hole in my tooth filled.
I am such a baby when it comes to the dentist and it takes all my self-control not to cry.
I am sitting here typing this with tea dribbling down my face.
But at least I have had some fun on the trampoline.
I usually go on the trampoline at 6.30am before my morning run as it's a great way to get the heart rate up.
I wonder if my neighbours ever look out of their bedroom windows and see me?
It is warmer than of late here and the sky is a lovely shade of cloudless blue.

I wore...
Shoes - River Island
Jeans - Joe Brown
Top - Tesco
Cami - Gap
Necklace - Virgin Vie
Sunglasses - Tesco


Stacy said...

I wish I had a trampoline!

Christina Lee said...

love it!! the trampoline and the top!

chic said...

The red top is so cute ans summery and I love it paired with the cuffed jeans. -A

see you there! said...

Like the red top and the jeans. Hate the dentist.

You seem to be enjoying yourself on the trampoline.


lunarossa said...

OMG, I could never ever go on a trampoline at 6.30am! I'm still dead at the time...But maybe I could try at 2am whilst I'm usually still up and about. Lovely top. Who shoots your photos at the time of "night"???? Ciao. A.

Mamaoftwins said...

I like your casual outfit. Jeans are cute cuffed.

What a great way to warm up before your run. And if the neighbors look out and think your crazy then their probably secretly wishing they had even 1/2 your energy to do what you do :)

Goober said...

Love this top. And I really wish I had a trampoline...

I don't even try any more, I just let myself be a big baby at the dentist and cry. I must say, they are very kind to me now whenever I need a procedure, talking in soothing voices like I'm a small child ;)

Sher said...

What a great way to exercise!

I hate the dentist also :(

Love your red top and dark jeans

Sheila said...

I just spent an hour at the dentist only having one quarter of my teeth worked on. I have to go back next week for two more appointments to do the rest of my mouth. So, I feel your pain.

You look like you are having a blast on the trampoline!