Tuesday, 19 May 2009

63 days to go: Every Little Helps

I obviously had too much time on my hands today and took far too many pictures.
But this skirt is NEW.
And NO - I didn't buy it.
I used £12 of my Tesco Clubcard vouchers.
We usually save the vouchers for wine but as I'm trying to cut down I thought this skirt will serve as an incentive.
No longer will our recycle bin be full of bottles that disappear forever.
Instead every three months I will have a beautiful new item of clothing to remind me of my sobriety.
Abstinence never felt this good before.
Amazing how inventive you can get when you pledge not to spend money on clothes!

And thanks to Boutique Girl I have discovered the power of the Picasa collage so no photo is wasted.

I wore...
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Tesco
Striped t-shirt - my daughters
Necklace - Next
belt - ASOS


Modest Mom said...

Love that skirt. The color looks so versatile that you can wear it with anything.

i_b_erin said...

Awesome skirt...what fun, and with my new favorite obsession, striped shirts!

Give up wine ?? ughhhhh!!! :)

Heather Bestel said...

Wow! Love the new skirt and the necklace and shoes are gorgeous. I love all the photos - you look great.
Heather x

Struggler said...
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Struggler said...

Sorry, unstylish typo in previous comment ;)
Very nice outfit and great use of your vouchers.
But your shoes especially caught my eye - probably you've worn them before and I missed them. They look glamorous and comfortable - the holy grail as far as I'm concerned!

Jane said...

Thanks Modest Mom - I am hoping it will be a neutral staple.
Erin - I love stripes too. Wine? Yes, I know.
Thanks Heather.
Struggler - I acquired these shoees from Clarks last summer and wore them a lot in July/August/September. They are comfortable!

Sher said...

I've been searching for a tulip skirt. Awesome "shopping" :D And I'm still trying to figure out how to do a collage. I have photoshop and the thing is tooo complicated.

Elaine said...

Nicely done with the vouchers!!! I like this look. I like grey. and stripes. which you work very well here!

Stacy said...

Woohoo for a new skirt! Enjoy... it looks wonderful.

Audi said...

The shape of that skirt is terrific on you! I love how you've managed to add some new items to your wardrobe without spending any money -- though I doubt I'd ever be disciplined enough to give up wine in order to make it happen.

Stephanie N. said...

You look so good in grey. Now I'm waiting for you to show up in pink AND grey, my two favorite colors on you.

see you there! said...

I think this is a very sophisticated look. I found my long searched for white tee now I think I'll start looking one with stripes.


Sheila said...

What a great skirt! I love the stripey top on you too. Funny, I wore stripes today and so did Diane!

Boutique Girl said...

That skirt is beautiful! What a great way to spend your Clubcard vouchers (we are going to the Lake District for 4 days with ours!!).

Thanks for the link too, the collage looks great!

Christina Lee said...

OMG- IN LOVE with this outfit!

Goober said...

Love the skirt - it looks great on you!

Mervat said...

I have seen this style of skirt but didn't think it would be all that flattering. Boy was I wrong! It suits you perfectly!