Thursday, 14 May 2009

68 days to go: All's Well That Ends Well

The drama workshop began with a drama!
Several weeks ago I had booked a room for the workshop.
One week before I double checked.
Five days before I triple-checked.
"No problem," I was assured.
So yesterday I arrived early to book in two drama students and their supervisors.
A process that has taken weeks to arrange.
I led them to the room.
The room that had been carefully laid out for the start of a new training course.
The room that I had booked, double-checked and triple-checked.
If possession is nine tenths of the law then I was hanging on by fingertips.
And the two members of staff who had booked the room were bigger and stronger than me.
And in a prison that accounts for the missing tenth.
So with just minutes to go before the workshop started I had to transport four bemused dramatists from one side of the prison to the other.
At the same time as around 400 prisoners were moving through the jail.
It was a nightmare.
But I managed it.
The drama workshop went well.
And nobody was asked to be a tree.

It was a cold one today and I needed practical warmth as my 14-year-old was playing in the Merseyside Schools Cup Final.
Here he is, No 10, watched by his little brother.

Thanks also to The Twins Mama, Mervat and Charlotte for nominating me for a lovely award.
I have decided not to pass it on as many of the blogs they have already listed would have been ones I would have chosen.
But if you haven't already checked out their blogs give them a go.
I am sure you will enjoy them.

I wore...
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Gap
T-shirt - George
Cardigan - Zara
Scarf - Zara


lunarossa said...

What was the end score? Did they win? My daughter's team lost in the final. The tears!!! Love yesterday's scarf a lot. Great top too today as well. Congratulations for your award. Ciao. A.

Jane said...

Hi Antonella - Joe's team drew 1-1. There is no extra time so the teams share the cup for a year.Hope your daughter is feeling better.

lunarossa said...

That's fantastic! I didn't know you could share a cup. Great idea. My daughter's team drew 2-2 and they lost at penalties. She missed a penalty. Auch! But she wasn't the only one fortunately. She's bounced back by now. What was the subject of the drama workshop. I wish you would tell us a bit more about your "life beahind the bars". It's so interesting! Ciao. A.

Christina Lee said...

that does sound like a nightmare!
love the soccer pics!

Stephanie N. said...

Oh, how frustrating when that happens. Sometimes, it just doesn't matter how well you plan, does it? I'm picturing you herding drama students through the prison, gestures dramatically accentuated by your dramatic scarf. It's a pretty funny mental image.

Jane said...

Antonella - penalties are so cruel.
Christina - it was!
Stephanie - You are so close to the truth!

Stacy said...

Pinks and reds are so good on you. And can I just say I'd wear a scarf everyday if I could.

Sher said...

They are sharing a cup? NO NO, tell them to go into overtime ;) Triple over time LOL!

I don't know if I could have handled those 'big' guys also. So go ahead, keep the room. Would you like a blanket? Coffee?