Saturday, 2 May 2009

79 days to go: Anyone For Tennis?

No football for the first Saturday since September.
Time for a lie-in?
Not exactly.
My daughter wanted to play tennis.
And it was lovely.
We cycled to our local park and were the only people playing tennis on the six court.
After that we cycled into the village and bumped into a few friends.
This afternoon I'm cleaning as we have friends round for a Mexican meal.

I wore..
Nike trainers
Gap Jeans
Primark t-shirt and cardigan


Stephanie N. said...

Sounds like it must have been fun! And you did it in sassy and sporty style, of course.

I'm so bad at tennis. I was on the lowest-level junior varsity team for my first two years of high school (in the meantime, most of my friends on the team had made their way up to varsity). When I went up to my coach partway through a pre-season practice for what would have been my third year, and told him that I had just made the decision to quit, he almost seemed relieved. Poor guy!

Candycane said...

Loving the action shots :)

Cecília said...


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chic said...

Ha! Love the action shots! Sounds like a great day with your daughter, I'm no good at tennis but also love playing with with my fiance when it gets nice out. He usually wins.


Lmac said...

I love tennis! Hope you had a great game! Cute outfit!

The Seeker said...

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That's great what you'be been doing!

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Sher said...

You had a fun weekend :) Great shots with the camera!

sallymandy said...

Looks so comfortable. Hope you had a great weekend in that sunny weather. I love watching spring turn to summer around the world via my friends' blogs (and fall turn to winter Down Under).

Stacy said...

Tennis is so not my friend. I'm better with things like golf, where the ball isn't moving until I tell it to. It sounds like you had a good time... great photos!