Thursday, 28 May 2009

54 days to go: Inspirational Bag

My great old friend The Gap bag inspired today's outfit.
This backpack has accompanied me for many years, especially on trips out with my friends and the children.
It is big enough for food, drinks, changes of clothes and wipes which was just as well as two of my friends and an assortment of our children were off on a hike from Hoylake to West Kirby and back today.
These school holiday sojourns have been taking place almost every school holiday since out eldest children started school in 1995.
The older ones don't come now but we have spent many happy hours tramping through woodland trails, climbing sand dunes, visiting zoos, organising marathonb games of rounders and bike rides.
Today felt strange as I only had my youngest son with me today.
The weather started off cool but heated up as we walked. We set off at 10am in the morning and arrived home around 5pm.
We are already making plans for our next trip!

I wore...
Top - Tesco (bought with vouchers)
Jeans - Gap
Cardigan - Principles
Bag - Gap


Penny said...

This is such a sweet outfit and perfect for nature outings.

see you there! said...

what a great tradition. You did a nice job of dressing up for it. Turquoise in currently one of my favorite colors.


Mervat said...

Don't you love traditions?! And I think your hair like this is so cute, in a good way!

Sheila said...

Great colours on you! And don't you look adorable in pigtails??

Sher said...

Love that tunic top on you! Glad you had such a fund day :)

Jane said...

Thanks Penny.
Darla - I agree turquoise is a great summer colour.
Thanks Mervat - I tie dit in pigtails as it I thought it would be windy on the beach.
Sheila - thanks, I know turqupise is one of your faves.
Sher - we had a wonderful day.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-so pleased you had a great time, these are great memorable experiences when you've got kids. Love the outfit, your bag reminds me of my newly acquired Kipling rucksack that I got at the boot sale last month for only £3. Its my first rucksack and like you say, they hold so much!

Christina Lee said...

cute- you've had it for YEARS? It looks brand new!

Stacy said...

I love the plaid! I'm glad you had a good day. ;-)

allison said...

Just when you think you've got the Gap pinned, they change it up. I always shop them through because I get cash back on all my purchases.