Sunday, 31 May 2009

51 days to go: Plain Jane

After a very busy Saturday I wanted to keep it nice and simple - both in activity and attire.
I think I managed it.
I didn't even bother with any make-up for the whole day.
My husband took my youngest son to Sefton Park in Liverpool for a cricket match while I watched the others.
In the evening we had a bbq in the garden with my parents.
Three of my four children are back at school today but the youngest is off for another week so it's another five days of trying to cram in some work and take care of my son.
We have an agreement - I work until 12pm every day (except Wednesday and Friday when I'm in the prison) and the afternoons are free for fun.

Sole Mate has asked to see a picture of my closet.
I promise to post the pictures later this week.

I wore......
Dress and Shoes - Primark
Sunglasses - Tesco


Sharon Rose said...

Thats a perfect casual chic outfit for the weather we're having, lucky you to have another week off, for us its back to school and work from today! Enjoy your week my dear!

lunarossa said...

Dear Jane, I can assure you that you might be anything else but definitely NOT plain! Unfortunately there is NO Primark in York and that is a real pity. Ciao. A.

see you there! said...

You look like summer. I don't know how you keep up with all you do.


Jane said...

Sharon - Isn't the weather wonderful?
Antonella - York is far too posh for Primark!
Darla - It's funny you should say that but if I stop then I fall to a halt. Yesterday I went to see my parents and because I sat down I promptly fell asleep - at 3pm!

Elaine said...

This is such a cute and laid-back look!!

Candycane said...

Wow you look great without makeup!