Monday, 28 July 2008

357 days to go - adding a sparkle

Today started off dull, grey and hot. I just got back from walking the dog and the heaven's opened with a massive downpour. I needed something to create a sparkle in my day.
These shoes I had been saving for winter but I dug them out today.
They sparkle like Dorothy's shoes in The Wizard of Oz. But they are a golden brown, not red.
I rolled up my jeans because they are too cute to hide!

Jeans: Gapy Curvy (2008)
Top: Next (2007)
Waistcoat: Debenhams (2008)
Shoes: Clark's (2008)
Necklace: Gold, Silver & Bronze Debenhams (2008)


KT said...

This is such a cute, fresh look!

SHOEGAL said...

Love the shoes! Great idea to roll up your jeans to show them off.

see you there! said...

I really like the color combo in this outfit.


Stacy said...

Those shoes are great! A little sparkle in your day is good.

we wear things said...

those shoes and the layering is fabulous!!

Tracey said...

LOVE the shoes!