Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Party Dress

Our Greek evening went well. There were nine of us. Our friends, Joy and Andrew, Denise and Kevin, Jane and Dave and sister-in-law Leah.
My husband cooked. We had Houmous, Tsatsiki, Taramasalata, Greek Salad, Pitta Bread, Olives and sardines to start.
The main course was a Chicken, Tomato and Aubergine Stew with a Vegetable Bake for the veggies which was served with rice.
Dessert was mixed fresh fruit (mangoes, melons, blackberries, grapes) with Greek Yogurt, honey and flaked almonds.
We listened to the soundtrack of Mamma Mia (several times, Joy!), Johnny Cash, Song Bird and Essential Songs.
Here's some pictures including my dress....
Purple Dress..George (2006)
Shoes..Karen Millen (2006)
Amethyst Necklace..Gift from my husband for my 40th birthday.


notSupermum said...

Aww, you look amazing. Love the shoes!
Sounds like a great evening, and how wonderful that your husband cooked everything. Can I borrow him sometime?

see you there! said...

This is my favorite picture of you so far, lovely.

Looks like you had a wonderful dinner party. There's something about a man who cooks that just wins my heart. Thanks for the menu.

Also noticed your hardwood floors in the kitchen. We have them also but most people here find it unusual.


workthatwardrobe said...

Hi Darla
Thanks for your comments. We have lived in this house for 18 years and gradually replaced the flooring. It is so practical with the dog and the children but most of all I love the way the light bounces off it.
My husband is very good in the kitchen.He is the chef. I am the cook!

Christina Lee said...

Love the purple dress- amazing!
We live in an older home and have hardwood floors too throughout- love them! You're right it is practical for our dog and child!

Ally said...

You look so pretty in this color purple! Looks like you had a wonderful evening :)

Londyn said...

Look at those shoes!!! Fabulous!

KT said...

Those shoes are fabulous. Truly and totally fabulous. My good friends next door are Greek and the best smells come from their home during dinnertime. Love Greek food!!

Boutique Girl said...

Love the shoes!

Anonymous said...


I want this entire outfit. You look INCREDIBLE.

Stacy said...

Those shoes are AMAZING!!!!!

Sheila said...

Love the dress, adore the shoes. You look great in purple!