Tuesday, 13 January 2009

188 days to go: Divine Dress

I had described this dress as purple but it it a little too light to be purple and a little too dark to be pink.
I had a trawl through the colour spectrum and discovered it was the much more exotic sounding name, Magenta.
The name Magenta took me back to the 1980s and the days of the uber-cool TV presenter Magenta Devine.
I don't recall her wearing magenta or any other colour apart from black - but I digress.
The point of this post is two-fold.
Firstly, while updating the details of the Pimp My Dress Challenge I realised I had pimped this dress quite a bit too.
Really it is a summer dress although its heavyweight cotton fabric means it is still winter wearable.
And secondly, does it look best with out without the scarf?
While you make up your mind check out the other ways I've worn the dress.

Boots: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: Ciel
Belt (from New Look Dress)
T-shirt: Primark
Scarf: Tesco


see you there! said...

Another really versatile dress. The scarf? No - in my opinion. I think it would be great in the summer version, with nothing under the neckline of the dress. If you are trying to "winter" the dress then the scarf just confuses matters for me.


Heather Bestel said...

So versatile - really earns it's keep in your new wardrobe.
Heather x

Goober said...

Love the dress with the wide belt - so cute! It really does change the look of that dress. It's amazing what accessories can do.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Love this dress! That is really one of your best colors, IMO.

I do like the scarf in your hair, but not so much hanging down the front...maybe either a shorter scarf or have the ends trail down your back? Or perhaps even just a printed headband?

But it looks good completely w/o the scarf, too.

I think I have dress envy -- this is another winner :)

Christina Lee said...

tough one- I like it both ways-sorry-that's no help!

Imogen Lamport said...

I think the scarf is too much. Yes I'd call it Magenta too.

I'd like to see it with a turtle neck underneath rather than a crew neck.

my 2c worth

Sheila said...

I like the scarf - it gives it a nice "boho" look along with the boots.

I love this dress with the wide belt.

Cat said...

I vote for the purple dress paired with the obi-belt. I am addicted to my own obi-belt.