Tuesday, 30 September 2008

293 days to go: Inspired by boxes

John Betjeman may have been summoned by bells but I have always had a pull towards stationery.
I love buying and writing in new notebooks. Moleskine are my favourites.
I was wondering what to wear while I was sitting at my computer at 6am this morning when I saw the green and white stationery boxes on my study shelves.
I wore Gap jeans
White Joe Brown Dress (a new eBay "swap"!!!!)
Green Cardigan..Zara
Cowboy Boots.. Dorothy Perkins
PS Ignore my hair - I got caught in the rain!


see you there! said...

Wow! A new eBay swap already! You sure look cute in it too.

I'm a paper nut myself and save all sorts of odd little scraps.


Stacy said...

Gosh, I adore stationery... it is a true weakness.

Congrats on the swap dress. It looks great on you!

notSupermum said...

The dress is lovely - really suits you.

April said...

The dress looks fantastic, it is really attractive on you. I have been trying to get up the nerve to wear some dresses with jeans, but I can't figure out the shoes yet. I never wear heels to work because I am on my feet. Do you think only a certain type of dress works for this as well?

workthatwardrobe said...

Hi April

I think the dress has to be knee length or shorter. As for shoes, I usually wear boots or flat ballet pumps.

Usually I belt the dress too, slightly above my natural waistline - where it is thinnest (!).

I still get odd comments (usually from v boring older guys) who say "Can't make up your mind whether to wear jeans or trousers so you wore both huh?"

So NOT original.

issa said...

lovely outfit! that green looks great on you

that girl ? said...

Where you get your inspiration from inspires me!
And I do like dresses over jeans.... Trinny and Susanna got me onto that!

KT said...

I am in love with your paint color!

Karen said...

You are a never-ending source of amusement to me! A smart lady, volunteer and writer, but also a crazy mom who copies what toads wear and jumps on trampolines in her spare time! And now BOXES as your inspiration!!! Jane, I think your shopping moratorium is making you clinically MAD, girl!!!! XOXOXOX!!! They have medication for these types of things!

Sheila said...

Wow, love the dress! You look great - I adore that green cardi on you.